Physics Class 10th

41. 1 bel=

A) 1 Decibel

B) 5 Decibel

C) 10 Decibel

D) 15 Decibe

42. The sound that produces a pleasing sensation in the ear is called:

A) Whisper

B) Noise

C) Music

D) Shrill

43. At 20⁰ the speed of sound is:

A) 300m/s

B) 320m/s

C) 343m/s

D) None of the above

44. The speed of sound depends upon:

A) Frequency

B) Amplitude

C) Medium

D) Loudness

45. The Speed of sound in maple wood at 0⁰C is ______ m/s:

A) 5104

B) 5050

C) 4040


46. The speed of sound in water is ______- times greater than air.

A) Two times

B) Three times

C) Four times

D) Five times

47. The speed of sound in CO2 at 0⁰:

A) 1270m/s

B) 970 m/s

C) 258 m/s

D) 332 m/s

48. The speed of sound in air depends on which of the following:

A) Density

B) Compressability

C) Temperature

D) All of the above

49. Increase in temperature causes ______ in speed of sound:

A) Decreases

B) Remains Same

C) Increases

D) increases 2 times

50. At Air pressure of 101kPa, what is the speed of sound:

A) 310m/s

B)327 m/s

C) 331 m/s

D) 400 m/s

51. With increase by 1 ⁰C in temperature, the speed of sound increases by:

A) 0

B) 0.1 m/s

C) 0.6 m/s

D) 2 m/s

52. The Speed of sound is ______ for different frequencies.

A) Similar

B) Different

C) Similar for similar state of matter

D) Cannot be determined

53. If the frequency of a wave is doubled, its wavelength is:

A) Remains same

B) Increased

C) Increased 2 times

D) Halved

54. What is the wavelength of sound in dry air if its frequency is 590 Hz on a hot day with temperature of 40⁰C?

A) 1 m

B) 0.3m

C) 0.6m

D) 2 m

55. Which of the following can occur if a wave front strikes a boundary parallel to the front:

A) Absorption

B) Transmitted

C) Reflection

D) Combination of All the above

56. The bouncing back of sound wave when it strikes a surface is called:

A) Diffraction

B) Refraction

C) Reflection

D) Transmission

57. Soft curtains are responsible for which of the following:

A) Diffraction of sound

B) Absorption of sound

C) Reflection of sound

D) None of the above

58. Multiple reflection of sound is called:

A) Echo

B) Reverberation

C) Proreflection

D) None of the above

59. Reverberation causes:

A) Increase in the frequency of sound

B) Improvement of Sound Quality

C) Decrease in pitch of sound

D) Tone to gain in volume

60. A reflection of sound that can be distinguished from the original:

A) Reverberation

B) Echo

C) Multiple reflection

D) None of the above