Physics Class 10th

If a sound arrives after______ s, the human ear can distinguish it from the original.

A) 0.10

B) 0.5

C) 1

D) 2

Sound that is reflected and arrives before 0.10 s is called:

A) Echo

B) Reverberation

C) Both A and B

D) None of the above

Acoustics is the study of:

A) Waves

B) Vibrations

C) Sound

D) All of the above

If the absorption of objects is increased, the sound level:

A) Decreases 2 times

B) Decreases variably

C) Remains same

D) None of the above

Placing reflective surfaces behind stage:

A) Decreases the sound delivered to audience

B) Increase the sound delivered to the audience

C) The sound shall remain same

D) Case cannot be determined

Parabolic surfaces are used to:

A) Reflect sound

B) Focus the sound

C) Absorbs the sound

D) Disperse the sound

Jagged surfaces serve which of the following purpose:

A) Absorption of sound

B) Reflection of Sound

C) Focusing the sound

D) Dispersing the sound

Acoustic Protection is the application of _______ material to protect individuals from noise.

A) Flat

B) Porous

C) Jagged

D) Parabolic surfaces

Sound produced by Jet Engine is:

A) 80dB

B) 120 dB

C) 140 dB

D) 148 dB

The Minimum frequency a person can hear is:

A) 2Hz

B) 20Hz

C) 200 Hz

D) None of the above

The Maximum frequency a person can hear is:

A) 2000 Hz

B) 200000 Hz

C) 20000Hz

D) 20000000Hz

Physicist have classified sound into _____ classifications.

A) One

B) Two

C) Three

D) None

The sound below 20Hz is called:

A) Infrasonic

B) Audible

C) Ultrasonic

D) None of the above

The sound above 20000Hz is called:

A) Infrasonic

B) Audible

C) Ultrasonic

D) Hypersonic

The top end hearing range of dogs is:

A) 20kHz

B) 45kHz

C) 60 kHz

D) 64kHzv

The maximum sound range of cats is:

A) 20 kHz

B) 45 kHz

C) 60 kHz

D) 64kHz

Which of the following animals use infrasonic sound to communicate?

A) Elephants

B) Rhinos

C) Whales

D) All of the above

Which of the following is used to communicate on large distances?

A) Infrasonic

B) Audible

C) Supersonic

D) Ultrasonic

The intensity of sound waves increases by 1000 W/m2 . What is this increase equal to in Decibels?

A) 10



D) 40

An Echo occurs when surround wave is:

A) Absorbed

B) Transmitted

C) Refracted

D) Reflected