Post Partition

National fruit of Pakistan in winter is _____.

A) Orange

B) Banana

C) Guava

D) Strawberry

National fruit of Pakistan in summer is ____.

A) Mango

B) Banana

C) Cherry

D) Apple

The longest-serving chairman of the Senate of Pakistan, to date, is______?

A) Wasim Sajjad

B) Farooq Naek

C) Habibullah Khan

D) Ghulam Ishaq Khan

Dr. Begum Ashraf Abbasi, 1st Lady Deputy Speaker of Pakistan belongs to?

A) Hyderabad

B) Islamabad


D) Karachi

Salwan kot is the old name of____?

A) Quetta

B) Multan

C) Lahore

D) Sialkot

The Chief Minister of __was dismissed on the issue of One Unit.

A) Punjab

B) Bengal

C) Sindh


When was the state of Swat included in Pakistan?

A) 1969

B) 1970

C) 1968

D) 1967

when Abu Ala Maududi was awarded death punishment by military court on" Qadiani issue"?

A) March 1953

B) April 1953

C) May 1953

D) None

When was the 17th amendment bill ratified by the President

A) Dec29,2003

B) Dec30,2003

C) Dec31,2003

D) None

.The local government system under the devolution of power plan, 2001, inaugurated on?

A) Aug 4,2001

B) Aug 14,2001

C) Aug 24,2001

D) None

National Flag of Pakistan was approved in 1st constituent assembly held on _ August, 1947.

A) 11th


C) 13th

D) 14th

Under 1973 constitution, who sworn as the first President?

A) ZA Bhutto

B) Zia Ul Haq

C) Fazal Elahi

D) Yahya Khan

Objective Resolution was passed on _ March 1949.

A) 12

B) 13

C) 14

D) 15

Mount Batten addressed 1st constituent assembly of Pakistan in?

A) Peshawar

B) Karachi

C) Delhi

D) Lahore

The second PM of Pakistan was?

A) Khwaja Nazim udin

B) Mohammad Ali

C) Liaqat Ali

D) None