Pre Partition

Jehangir released Mujadid Alif Sani after _____ years.

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) 4

Hazrat Mujadid Alif Sani died in 1624 and buried in?

A) Sirhind

B) Lahore

C) Delhi

D) Amritsar

During Mughal era, there was _____ system in Hindustan.

A) Socialist

B) Feudal

C) Communist

D) Capitalist

During Mughal era, fruits were imported from?

A) Bukhara

B) Samarkand

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D) None

The common practices in Hindus of Mughal era were?

A) Self-immolation (Satee)

B) Child Marriages

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D) None

Among the famous poets of Akbar’s were?

A)Man Singh

B) Beer Bal

C) Abdur Rahman Khanani

D) All of these

Baghwan Das was famous poet of _______ court.

A) Humayun

B) Akbar

C) Sher Shah

D) None

Pashto Poets of Mughal era were?

A) Khushal Baba

B) Rehman Baba

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D) None

Mughal Emperors patronized literature in?

A) Persian

B) Hindi

C) Bengali

D) All of these

Babar was fond of?


B) Music

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D) None of these

Who had written a booklet on music and had created tunes of many songs?

A) Babar

B) Aurangzeb

C) Sher Shah

D) None

Humayun had brought _____ painters from Persia to India.

A) Mir Syed Ali

B) Khwaja Abdul Samad

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D) None

Akbar was a?

A) Musician

B) Naat Khwan

C) None

Who was famous musician of Akbar’ era?

A) Tan Seen

B) Bhagwan Das

C) Khushal Baba

D) None

According to Abu Alfazal, there had never been a musician in the last 5000 years of Sub-continent.

A) Tan Sen

B) Bhgawan Das

C) Man Singh

Who used to sing and had very sweet voice?

A) Shah Jehan

B) Aurangzeb

C)  None

Who were fond of painting?

A) Akbar

B) Aurangzeb

C) Jehangir

D) All of these

Zeb un Nisa was daughter of?

A) Aurangzeb

B) Akbar

C) Shah Jehan

Who was a very fine poet?

A) Akbar

B) Jehangir

C) Humayun

Zeb un Nisa was a?

A) Painter

B) Poet

C) Musician

D) None