Pre Partition

Afghans were defeated by Babar In ____

A) 1526
B) 1529
C) 1530
D) 1515

Nasirudin Muhammad Hamayun was the ____ of Babar.

A) Son
B) Brother
C) Brother in law
D) Cousin

Nasirudin Muhammad Hamayun was born in _____

A) 1508
B) 1516
C) 1526
D) 1509

Nasiruddin Muhammad Hamayun was born in ____

A) Kabul

B) Kandhar

C) Mazar Sharif

D) None of these

Sher Shah Suri revolt in _____

A) Bihar
B) Gujarat
C) Orissa

Hamayun was defeated by ___

A) Ibrahim Lodhi
B) Taimoor
C) Sher Shah Suri
D) None of these

Hamayun was defeated by sher shah suri in _____

A) 1539 & 1540
B) 1539 & 1542
C) 1536 & 1540
D) 1537 & 1540

Nasir Udin Muhammad hamayun died in ____

A) 1555
B) 1556
C) 1554
D) 1553

The real name of Sher shah suri was _____

A) Ibrahim khan
B) Akbar khan
C) Jalal khan
D) Fareed khan

Sher Shah Suri was born in ____

A) 1485
B) 1486
C) 1487
D) 1488

_____ was the father name of Sher shah suri.

A) Hassan Khan
B) Akbar Khan
C) Hussain Khan
D) None of these

Sher Shah suri ruled over Hindustan for ____

A) 4
B) 5
C) 6
D) 7

Sher shah suri died in ____

A) 1546
B) 1545
C) 1547
D) 1548

_____ was the title of sher shah suri.

A) Sher
B) Suri
C) Fareed
D) Hassan

G.T road was constructed in the reign of _____

A) Ibrahim Lodhi
B) Babar
C) Sher shah suri
D) Hamayun

G.T road is from Bengal to ____

A) Kabul
B) Peshawar
C) Lahore
D) Karachi

Islam Shah was ____ of Sher shah suri.

A) Brother
B) Son
C) Brother in law
D) Slave

Islam Shah Reign last for ____ years.

A) 10
B) 9
C) 8
D) 5

Islam Shah died in ____

A) 1553
B) 1555
C) 1556
D) 1554

The reign of Suri family came to an end in _____

A) 1555
B) 1554
C) 1556
D) 1554