Pre Partition

The head of Pargana was called?

A) Shiqdar

B) Ameer

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

Bahadar Shah 1, was born in ______ Burhan Pur.

A) 1643

B) 1645

C) 1666

D) 1680

Bahadar Shah 1, became Emperor after the death of_____ in 1707.

A) Almgir

B) Aurangzeb

C)  Shah Jehan

Bahadar Shah 1 original name was?

A) Qutbudin Aibak

B) Qutbudin Mohammad Azam

C) Mohammad Azam

Bhadar Shah 1 is also called as?

A) Azam 1

B) Alam Khan

C) Shah Alam

Bhadar Shah 1 started to rule in the name of?

A) Azam

B) Shah Alam

C) Bahadar Shah

Bahadar Shah 1 was ______years old when he became the King.

A) 65

B) 67

C) 69

D) 70

Who were revolting in the era of Bahadar Shah 1?

A) Hindus

B) Sikhs

C) Christians

After defeating Sikhs himself, Bahadar Shah 1 died in Lahore in?

A) 1712

B) 1713

C) 1750

D) 1714

Jahandar Shah was born in ______ to Bhadar Shah 1.

A) 1661

B) 1665


D) 1670

After becoming King in 1712, all the control of empire was in the hands of?

A) Zulfiqar Khan

B) Bairam Khan

C) None

Zulfiqar’s policy was?

A) Friendly with Marathas&Rajputs

B) Aggressive policy towards Sikhs

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

Farakh Ser ascended to the throne in _____ when he was 30 years old.

A) 1712

B) 1713

C) 1714

D) 1715

Farakh Ser was the _____ of Bhadar Shah.

A) Son

B) Grandson

C) None

Farah Ser was?

A) Competent

B) Lacked the power decision

C) No administrative skills

D) Both ‘b’ and ‘c’

Farakh Ser administration was run by?

A) Syed Hussain Ali

B) Syed Abdullah

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

In _____ Syed brothers imprisoned and ultimately killed Farakh Ser.

A) 1718

B) 1719

C) 1720

D) 1725

Rafi ud Darjat became King in?

A) 1720

B) 1719

C) 1720

Who was suffering from TB?

A) Rafi Ud darajat

B) Rafi ud Dawla

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

Rafi ud Dawla alias Shah Jehan 2 nd ruled from June 1719 to?

A) September 1719

B) 1720

C) 1725

D) 1722