Pre Partition

After the death of Shah Jehan 2 and , Syed brothers enthroned _____ in the name of Mohammad Shah.

A) Prince Ali

B) Prince Nasser ud Din

C) Alam Shah

D) None

Who got rid of Syed Brothers in 1722?

A) Mohammad Shah

B) Rafi ud Dawla

C) Farakh Ser

Ahmad Shah ascended to the throne in?

A) 1748

B) 1735

C) 1740

D) 1742

Ahmad Shah was born in Red Fort Delhi in?

A) 1720

B) 1725

C) 1730

D) 1740

When Ahmad Shah Abdali attacked India for second time in 1751, who came to fight him?

A) Mohammad Shah

B) Ahmad Shah

C) Alamgir

Ahmad Shah and Ahmad Shah Abdali fought at?

A) Sir Hind 

B) Pani Pat

C) Delhi

Who won the battle at Sir Hind?

A) Ahmad Shah

B) Ahmad Shah Abdali

C) None

Ahmad Shah was dethroned in?

A) 1751

B) 1753

C) 1754

D) None

Azeez ud din who was the second son of Jahandar Shah became King after Ahmad Shah in?

A) 60

B) 68

C) 55

D) 50

Who spent most of his life in prison?

A) Ahmad Shah

B) Alamgeer The Second

C) Ahmad Ali

Almgeer the second was a ______ King.

A) Strong

B) Weak

C) None

Amgeer’s Minister ________ killed him in 1759.

A) Umad ul Mulk

B) Sher Nawab

C) Bairam Khan

Aurangzeb sons were?

A) Moazam

B) Azam

C) KamBakhsh

D) All of these

Prince Muazzam who was in Peshawar colluded with Governor of _____ and marched towards Delhi.

A) Lahore

B) Karachi

C) Kabul

Azam had reached from Ahmad Nagar to _____.

A) Delhi

B) Gawliar

C) Amritsar

Who wrote letter to Azam and asked him to divide the empire as per his fa- ther’ will.

A) Muazam

B) Kam Bakhsh

C) None

In the war between Azam and Muazzam, who won and became King?

A) Azam

B) Muazam

C) None

Prince Muazzam became king with the title of?

A) Bahadar Shah 1

B) Shah Alam

C)  Both ‘a’ and ‘b’.

Bahadar Shah adopted policy of?

A) Reconciliation with Rajputs

B) Aggressive Policy in Deccan

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

Shahoo Bin Samboo Jee was released from prison by?

A) Bahadar Shah

B) Jahandar Shah

C) None