Pre Partition

Shahoo Samboo Jee fought with?

A) Tara Jee

B) Bahadar Shah

C) None

Bhadar Shah’s policy towards Rajputs was that of?

A) Aggression

B) Reconciliation

C) War

Sikhs captured area between Jumna and Sutlij called?

A) Lahore

B) Sirhind

C) Amritsar

Sirhind Governor ______ was killed by Sikhs.

A) Ali Khan

B) Jehandar Khan

C) Wazeer Khan

Sikhs declared _____ as their capital.

A) Delhi

B) Lahore

C) Amritsar

D) Mukhlis Gharh

Mohammad Shah’ mother chose ______ to put an end to the influence of Sy- ed Brothers.

A) General Nizam Ul Mulk

B) Ali Ul Mulk

C) Khizar Ul Mulk

______ attacked Hindustan in Mohammad Shah’ era.

A) Ahmad Shah

B) Nadir Shah

C) Babar

Nadir Shah was ruler of?

A) Iran

B) Afghanistan

C) Samar Kand

Nadir Shah is also called as?

A) Ahmad Shah

B) Nadeer

C) Nadir Quli Baig

Nadir Shah is called by some annalists as?

A) Iranian Napolean

B) Alexander the second

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’.

Nadir Shah ascended to the throne in?

A) 1735

B) 1736

C) 1728

D) 1750

Kalhora is a Sindhi tribe migrated from?

A) Arabia

B) Turkey

C) Smarkand

Who is the founder of Kalhora tribe?

A) Ameer Fathullah Abbasi

B) Babar

C) Taupur

D) None

Kalhore family rule from 1701 to?

A) 1780

B) 1781

C) 1782

D) 1783

Who overthrow the Govt. of Kalhoras in 1782?

A) Fathullah

B) British

C) Fateh Ali Khan Talpur

D) None

Talpur are the inhabitants of?

A) Punjab

B) Sindh

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

Talpur came to South Sindh during?

A) Nadir Shah’ attack

B) Abdali’ attack

C) Taimoor Attack

D) None

In the battle of _____ Talpur defeated Kalhore family.

A) Halani

B) Pani Pat

C) None

Talpur divided Sindh in 3 administrative parts:

A) Hayderabad

B) Khairpur

C) Mirpur

D)All of these.

Who put an end to Talpur family’ era?

A) Mount Batten

B) James Napier

C) Morley

D) None