Pre Partition

After the death of Subuktagin ______ sat on the throne.

A) Mahmood

B) Ismail

Mahmood Ghaznavi was born in?

A) 972

B) 971

C) 988

He was ____ years old when he became the king.

A) 25

B) 27

C) 30

Mehmood Ghaznavi adopted the title of?

A) Amir

B) Sultan

Mahmood invaded India for _____ times.

A) 17

B) 13

C) 15

Mehmood attacked Raja Jaipal in?

A) 1001

B) 1002

C) 1003

Raja Bajee Rao of Bhatinda was defeated in?

A) 1005

B) 1004

C) 1003

The Ruler of Multan Abdul Fateh was defeated in?

A) 1004

B) 1005

C) 1006

Mehmood defeated Anandapal in?

A) Panipat

B) Peshawar

C) Hizro

Anandapal was defeated for second time in?

A) 1008

B) 1010


Thanisar came under Mahmood in?

A) 1009

B) 1011

C) 1004

Bheempal was the successor of?

A) Raja Rao

B) Baji Rao

C) Anandapal

Bhempal was defeated near Jehlam in?

A) 1014

B) 1013

C) 1010

Kashmir was attacked in?

A) 1000

B) 1005

C) 1015

Ganga Valley was attacked in?

A) 1010

B) 1019

C) 1011

In 1019, Mehmood attacked?

A) Raja Rai Nanda

B) Jai Pal

C) Anand pal

Mehmood took over whole Punjab in?

A) 1010

B) 1021

C) 1015

Gawaliar fort was surrounded in?

A. 1022

B. 1020

C. 1015

Kalinjar was attacked in?

A) 1022

B) 1023

C) 1024

Somanath was attacked in?

A) 1025

B) 1020

C) 1015