Pre Partition

Rana sanga was the ruler of ____ state.

A) Kalanjer

B) Mewara 

C) Dakan

D) None of these

Jalaudin Akbar was born in ____

A) 1543

B) 1544

C) 1542

D) 1541

Jalaludin Akbar was the ____ of Hamayun

A) Brother

B) Slave

C) Son

D) Cousin

Hamayun died when Akbar was ____ years old

A) 10

B) 11

C) 12

D) 13

Akbar became the ruler when he was ____ years old

A) 15

B) 13

C) 20

D) 30

Akbar became the ruler in ____

A) 1555

B) 1556

C) 1557

D) 1558

Akbar defeated _____ at Pani Pat

A) Hemo Baqal

B) Ibrahim Lodhi

C) Rana Singh

D) Sher Shah Suri

The founder of Mughal empire was ____

A) Akbar

B) Hamayun

C) Babar

D) None of these

The reign of Jalaludin Akbar last for ____ years

A) 40

B) 50

C) 30

D) 20

Akbar divided the country into ____ provinces

A) 11

B) 10

C) 13

D) 15

The advisors of Akbar were called ____

A) Noortan

B) Thinkers

C) Wise

D) None of these

The system of slavery was tarnished by ____

A) Babar

B) Akbar

C) Hamayun

D) Sher Shah Suri

Murad and Danyal were the sons of ____

A) Sher Shah Suri

B) Babbar

C) Hamayun

D) Akbar

Prince Salim revolt against Akbar

A) True

B) False

Jalaludin Akbar died in _____

A) 1600

B) 1605

C) 1610

D) 1604

Akbar died in ____

A) Delhi

B) Bombay

C) Agra

D) None of these

Akbar is buried in ____

A) Askandaria

B) Rajankot

C) Delhi

D) Bombay

Jalaludin Akbar was an extremist ruler

A) True

B) False

Akbar make a new religion called _____

A) Islamist

B) Neo-Islam

C) Din-e-Ilahi

D) None of these

Din e ilahi was announced in ____

A) 1583

B) 1581

C) 1582

D) 1584