Pre Partition

Aibak ruled from 1206 to?

A) 1211

B) 1210

C) 1215

Who fell from the horse while playing polo?

A) Aibak

B) Ghauri

C) Mehmood

Aibak’s tomb is in?

A) Karachi

B) Anarkali Bazar Lahore

C) Delhi

Illtutmish was an?

A) Afghan

B) Albari Turk

Illtutmish was slave of?

A) Mehmood

B) Aibak

C) Ghori

Illtutmish ascended to the throne in?

A) 1211

B) 1213

C) 1214

Illtutmish defended Delhi in 1221 against whom?

A) Mongols

B) Afghans

C) Arabs

Illtutmish died in?

A) 1236

B) 1237

C) 1238

Which of the following were constructed by Illtutmish?

A) Qutab Minar

B) Shamshi Talab

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

Razia Sultana was the daughter of?

A) Aibak

B) Illtutmish

C) Ghauri

Razia Sultana rule Delhi from?

A) 1236-1240

B) 1237-1241

C) 1238-1242

Razia Sultana was the first ever female ruler in ____ history.

A) Islamic

B) Turk

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

SultanNaser ud duin Mehmood rule from?

A) 1246 -1266

B) 1248-1255

C) 1248-1259

Balban took as king in?

A) 1233

B) 1244

C) 1255

D) 1266

Balban remained King for ____ years.

A) 20

B) 25

C) 30

Balban died at the age of 86 in?

A) 1266

B) 1286

C) 1296

Who was first Hindustani King?

A) Feroz Shah Khilji

B) Illtutmish

C) Balban

Founder of Khilji Dynasty was?

A) Balban

B) Aibak

C) Feroz Shah Khilji

Feroz Shah Khilji ruled from 1290 to?

A) 1295

B) 1296

C) 1298

Ala ud Din Khilji was the _____ of Jalal ud din?

A) Son

B) Nephew

C) Grandson