Pre Partition

Ala ud Din ruled from 1296 to?

A) 1316

B) 1318

C) 1320

Ala ud din captured ____ in Northern India.

A) Deccan

B) Maharashtra

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

_____ was appointed as Governor of Punjab to keep an eye on Mongols by Ala ud din.

A) Ghazi Malik

B Nazar Mailk

C) None

Ala ud din sent _____ on Deccan expedition in 1306.

A) Ghayas ud din

B) Malik Kafoor

Mubarak Shah was the son of?

A) Allaudin Khilji

B) Jalal Khilji

Mubarak Shah the last king of Khilji dynasty was killed by _____ in 1320.

A) Khosro Khan

B) Ala ud din

C) Aibak

Khosro was killed by?

A) Mubarak Shah

B) Malik Ghazi

Malik Ghazi adopted the title of _____ and he was a Turk.

A) Ghayas ud din

B) Balban

C) Taimoor

Ghayas ud din ruled for ____ years.

A) 5

B) 6

C) 8

Juna Khan became the king under the title _____ in 1325.

A) Muhammad bin Tughlaq

B) Ghayas udin Tughlaq

Muhammad bin Tughlaq died in Sindh in?

A) 1355

B) 1351

C) 1315

Feroz Shah was ____ of Ghayasudin.

A) Son

B) Brother

C) Nephew

Feroz Shah ruled for ____ years.

A) 37

B) 40

C) 50

Taimoor was born in the city of Sabuz in ____.

A) 1366

B) 1325

C) 1326

D) 1336

When Taimoor took over as Chughtai tribe Chief?

A) 1369

B) 1372

C) 1375

Taimoor died in _____ and buried in Samarkand.

A) 1400

B) 1405

C) 1410

After Taimoor left India he made ___ the Governor of Lahore.

A) Khizar Khan

B) Hayat Khan

C) Aleem Khan

Khizar Khan became king in _____ and died in 1421.

A) 1414

B) 1426

C) 1413

Islam Khan Lodhi was Governor of?

A) Patna

B) Bengal

C) Sarhind

Bahlol Lodhi ruled for?

A) 38 years

B) 32 years

C) 35 years