Pre Partition

As per Jinnah’ will,his property was to be distributed in?

A. Muslim University Aligarh

B. Islamia College Peshawar

C. Sind Madrassa tul Islam

D. All of these

Who is called “Sir Syed e Sarhad”?

A. Qayum Khan

B. Abdurab Nishtar

C. Qazi Issa

Who laid the corner stone of Islamia College Peshawar in 1913?

A. Qayum Khan

B. Jinnah

C. Sir Syed

D. Haji Sahib Turangzai

Jinnah visited _____ to NWFP and each time he visited Islamia College.

A. 3 times

B. 2 times

C. 4 times

D. None of these

Deoband is a village in district Saharanpur in Province of ________.


B. Mumbai

C. Delhi

D. Calcutta

The first teacher in Deoband madrassa was?

A. Mulana Qasim

B. Shabli Numani

C. Maulana Rasheed

D. Sir Syed

Deoband Madrassa was established in?

A. 1860

B. 1866

C. 1870

D. 1875

First pupil of Deoband Madrassa was?

A. Maulana Qasim

B. Sir Syed Ahmad

Khan C. Shabli Numani

D. Mehmood ul Hassan

Who was captured in Reshmi Romal case from Hijaz?

A. Shabli Numani

B. Maulana Qasim

C. Mehmood Ul Hassan

Mulana Mehmood ul Hassan was imprisoned in?

A. Malta

B. Bhuttan

C. India

D. Hijaz

After Jami Azhar which of the following is biggest Madrassa?

A. Akora Khattak

B. Deoband Madrassa

C. None

Aligarh movment struggled for Modern education while Deoband?

A. Religious

B. Modern

C. English

D. None

Nadva tul Ulama worked for promotion of?

A. Modern education

B. Religious education

C. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D. None

Nadva tul Ulema was established in Lukhnao in ______?

A. 1890

B. 1892

C. 1894

D. 1895

Nadva tul Ulema started work in?

A. 1892

B. 1894

C. 1898

D. 1900

Who among the following were associated with Nadva tul Ulema

A. Shabli Numani

B. Sulaiman Nidvi

C. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D. None

In Nadva tul Ulema, the total session would last for _____ years.

A. 8

B. 10

C. 4

D. 5

Which of the following were included in the syllabus of Nadva tul Ulema?

A. Hindi

B. Sansikrit

C. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D. None

Magazine issued by Nadva was?

A. Tehzeeb ul Akhlaq

B. Al Nadva

C. Now or Never

D. None

The British thought ______ were responsible for 1857 war of independence

A. Muslims.

B. Hindus

C. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D. None