Pre Partition

Noor Jahan married to Jahangir in ____

A) 1610

B) 1611

C) 1612

D) 1613

Noor Mehal was the title of ____

A) Gull Bano

B) Malka Taranum

C) Noor Jahan

The tomb of Jahangir is in ____

A) Lahore

B) Delhi

C) Bombay

D) None of the above

Jahangir was a cruel ruler

A) True

B) False

Jahangir died in ____

A) 1627

B) 1620

C) 1630

D) 1633

Shahjahan was the ___ Jahangir

A) Brother

B) Son

C) Slave

D) None of the above

The original name of Shahjahan was ___

A) Fareed

B) Akbar

C) Khurram

D) Aqib

Shajahan was born in ____

A) 1592

B) 1590

C) 1593

D) 1591

Shahjahan was born in ____

A) Agra

B) Delhi

C) Bombay

D) Lahore

Arjamand Hanwi Bagam was the wife of Shahjahan

A) True

B) False

Shahjahan became the ruler in _____

A) 1629

B) 1625

C) 1628

D) 1630

The reign of Shahjahan was golden period of Mughal Empire

A) True

B) False

Remarkable means_____

A) Dutch

B) Spanish

C) German

D) Portuguese

Shahjahan ruled for ____ years

A) 20

B) 35

C) 40

D) 30

Taj palace is located in ___

A) Agra

B) Bombay

C) Delhi

D) None of these

Taj palace is included in seven wanders of the world

A) True

B) False

Taj palace was built in the remembrance of ___

A) Noor Jahan

B) Gull Bano

C) Mumtaz Mehal

D) None of these

The construction of Taj palace took ____ years

A) 15

B) 18

C) 17

D) 19

Shahjahan have _____ sons

A) 2

B) 3

C) 4

D) 5

Dara was the eldest son of Shahjahan

A) 1670

B) 1660

C) 1666

D) 1669