Preparation for MCQs based Papers

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MCQs based papers have become premier choice of Examiners/Institutions/Testing Agencies for recruitment and admissions in different institutions. From the post of Police Constable to screening tests for PMS,
MCQs based examinations are arranged. Different testing agencies like
NTS, FTS, PTS, OTS etc. conduct such tests. Public Service Commissions on Federal level as well as Provincial level check the abilities of
the candidates through MCQs based papers. The candidates generally
hesitate and are excessively nervous about such papers. But believe me,
things are not as difficult as they seem to be. If you start to work on certain areas, you will have no reason to fear. And irrespective of who conducts a test, you will pass it with flying colors. Why? Because all these
testing agencies focus on the same areas. They might have different
MCQs, but the broader topics are the same. What are these common
areas? These are: English, Current Affairs, Basic Mathematics, Pakistan
Affairs, General Knowledge, Everyday Science and Islamiat . Now let’s
take a look at these areas:
Who can ignore the importance of English? And of course testing agencies always ask questions from this area. This is probably one of the
most important parts of the paper where candidates falter for no reason.
The testing agencies don’t ask you about complex technicalities of English language. They only touch the basic grammar. And if you look at the
books from class 1 to class 12, all these grammars are covered in details.
A candidate needs to study Parts of Speech( Noun, Pronouns, Adjective,
Adverbs etc.), Tenses, Narration and Voice. And their correct use is of
course very important. If you can use the mentioned aspects of grammar
correctly, you would have no problem in spotting errors in a sentence.
Generally, the examiners recommend Wren and Martin’s book. But if
you have difficulty in understanding that book, you can buy Efzal Anwar Mufti’s Books. They come with Urdu translation and are very easy
to understand.
Current Affairs
After English another important area is Current Affairs. You need to
have an idea of a few areas in current affairs like economy, national issues, international issues and sports. If you are reading Newspaper daily,
I guarantee you that you would have no issue in tackling this part. If you
can’t read the newspaper on daily basis, don’t get nervous. We are uploading Current Affairs MCQs on daily basis from Dawn, Express Tribune, The News, BBC etc. on topics like National and International issues. So you can visit KP MCQs Hub for all the MCQs on Current Affairs.
Basic Mathematics
Holding grasp on basic mathematics can give you an edge over other
candidates. Basic mathematics like average, ratios and proportions etc.
are not difficult. Questions from these areas are asked almost in all examinations. Fear is not an answer to a problem. And then practice makes
a man perfect. If you start practicing mathematics, then you would have
no problem in solving questions. You can read Class 6 to Class 8th
Mathematics for these questions.
Pakistan Affairs
If you aspire to to get a good job, you need to work hard on this area as
well. You pick up a paper conducted by any testing agency in Pakistan,
and you wouldn’t find a single paper without questions related to Pakistan Affairs. You don’t need to have a Master’s degree in Pakistan Study
for Pakistan Affairs. We have covered extensively questions from Pakistan Affairs on KP MCQs Hub from Indus Valley Civilization till the
end of British Raj in 1947. Don’t wait for any miracle to happen, start
preparations right NOW!!!

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