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If you want to learn more , you’re in the right place. provides MCQs, Past Papers and other materials to its valuable viewers for different exams. We collect these different MCQs from Past Papers,Books, News Papers and other sources. Despite our hard efforts, does not claim or guarantee that these MCQs would be necessarily asked in examinations. We have taken extreme care of ensuring accuracy of the data, still we are prone to mistakes. We do not take any responsibility for any errors in answers or questions but we do appreciate our viewers to point out mistakes in the data and we would correct it accordingly. doesn’t assume any liability for disputes regarding ownership, copy rights or trade marks for the data uploaded to this website.

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How are we different?


MCQ tests can provide valuable assessment feedback on students' recall of the facts and concepts essential to higher order learning


Multiple-choice questions are short and sharp which means that more of them can be posed in a test situation to give a student a more thorough examination of how much they understand about a given subject.

Potential Benefits

On too many multiple-choice tests, the questions do nothing more than assess whether students have memorized certain facts and details. But well-written questions can move students to higher-order thinking, such as application, integration, and evaluation