Science Class 4 0 To 20

Science Class 4th

1. Ears receive sound signals:

A) True

B) False

2. Teeth are used for:

A) Talking

B) Chewing

C) Tasting

D) All of the above

3. Teeth contain ________.

A) Calcium

B) Fluoride

C) Zinc

D) Iron

4. Milk teeth are ____ in number.

A) 10

B) 12

C) 14

D) 20

5. ______ protects organs from infection and injury:

A) Bones

B) Skin

C) Teeth

D) Eyes

6. The Flesh of Body is made up of:

A) Skin

B) Bones

C) Muscles

D) Nerves

7. Movement is due to:

A) Nerves

B) Muscles

C) Bones

D) Muscles and Bones

8. Stomach is a _______ like structure.

A) Bean

B) Sac

C) Rod

D) Cylindrical

9. _____ are present in chest cavity.

A) Kidneys

B) Brain

C) Lungs

D) Spleen

10. Heart is located in:

A) Centre of Chest Cavity

B) Upper Side of Chest

C) Left Side of Chest

D) Right Side of Chest

11. Which of the following is controlled by the brain:

A) Movement

B) Speech

C) Sleep

D) All of the above

12. If we don’t brush regular we will get:

A) Tooth Ache

B) Cavities

C) Gum Problems

D) All of the above

13. Muscles are attached to:

A) Tendons

B) Ligaments

C) Bones

D) Other Muscles

14. Lungs absorb ______ from the air.

A) Oxygen

B) Carbon Dioxide

C) Nitrogen

D) All of the above

15. _________ pumps blood to different part of body.

A) Lungs

B) Spleen

C) Heart

D) Kidneys

16. Movement is produced by muscles and _________.

A) Tendon

B) Ligament

C) Bone

D) Only Muscles

17. Lungs are important because:

A) Contact and Expand

B) Absorb Oxygen

C) Release Carbon Dioxide

D) Both B and C

18. To make or muscles and bones strong and healthy we should:

A) Eat less Food

B) Exercise

C) Use More Salt

D) Take Soft drinks

19. Which organ is the control centre of the body:

A) Stomach

B) Heart

C) Brain

D) Skin

20. Which of the following protect from infection:

A) Bones

B) Skin

C) Muscles

D) Hair

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