Science Class 4th

121. Magnets that don’t lose their magnetic ability is called:

A) Temporary Magnet

B) Permanent magnet

C) Both A and B

D) None of the above

122. The property of attracting things towards a magnet is called:

A) Electrostatic Induction

B) Electromagnetism

C) Magnetic Field

D) Magnetism

123. Cranes use strong magnets.

A) True

B) False

124. Plastic and Rubber cannot allow electricity to pass because they are:

A) Insulators

B) Conductors

C) Soft

D) Hard

125. The path through which is a current flow is called:

A) Dry Cell

B) Connecting Wire

C) A Bulb

D) A Circuit

126. The things which are attracted by a magnet are:

A) Non Magnetic

B) Magnetic

C) Plastic

D) Wood

127. North Pole repels the ______ pole.

A) South

B) North

C) East

D) West

128. We live on planet _____.

A) Earth

B) Mars

C) Pluto

D) Jupiter

129. The Earth Take _____ for complete rotation.

A)  10 hr

B) 24 hr

C) 7 days

D) One Month

130. The _______ divides the earth into two equal parts.

A) Hemisphere

B) Pole

C) Equator

D) Tropics

131. Circular Movement of One thing around the other is called:

A) Period

B) Rotation

C) Revolution

D) None of the above

132. If it is Summer, the hemisphere will be tilted.

A) Towards The Sun

B) Away From The Sun

C) Near The Sun

D None Of The Above

133. If the earth was not tilted on its axis there would be on:

A) Season

B) Day And Night

C) Rain

D) Heat

134. Where there is summer in the northern hemisphere, there is _______ in the southern hemisphere.

A) Summer

B) Winter

C) Spring

D) Autumn