Science Class 4th

81. The degree of hotness or coldness is called:

A) Temperature

B) Coolness

C) Hotness

D) none of the above

82. Which of the following is used to measure the temperature:

A) Telescope

B) Ammeter

C) Thermometer

D) Micrometer

83. A thermometer is made up of:

A) Glass

B) Wood

C) Metal

D) Plastic

84. Thermometer contains:

A) Water

B) Benzene

C) Essential Oil

D) Mercury

85. There are commonly _____ scales used in thermometer.

A) Two

B) Three

C) Four

D) Five

86. Thermometer that is used to measure the temperature of a human is called:

A) Clinical Thermometer

B) Laboratory Thermometer

C) Both A and B

D) None of the above

87. The range of the thermometer in laboratory is:

A) 0- 100

B) -10 to 100

C) -10 t 110

D) None Of The Above

88. Mercury is not poisonous:

A) True

B) False

89. Thermometer is a device that is used to measure:

A) Temperature

B) Heat

C) Speed

D) Sound

90. The clinical thermometer has a range from:

A) 35-42⁰C

B) 30-40⁰C

C) 125-45⁰C

D) 35-50⁰C

91. The laboratory thermometer has a range between:

A) -50⁰C to 150⁰C

B) -10⁰C to 110⁰C

C) -5⁰C to 110⁰C

D) 0⁰C to 100⁰C

92. Boiling point of water is:

A) 10⁰C

B) 100⁰C

C) 1000⁰C

D) 50⁰C

93. Force is _________ exerted by one thing or another.

A) Push

B) Pull

C) Both A And B

D) None Of The Above

94. Force can change the following of a body except:

A) Shape

B) Size

C) Speed

D) Mass

95. The larger the force _______ the distance traveled.

A) Larger

B) Smaller

C) Depends On The Object

D) None Of The Above

96. The amount of distance traveled in unit time is called:

A) Displacement

B) Acceleration

C) Speed

D) Gravity

97. Which of the following makes the work easier for a person:

A) Water

B) Gravity

C) Machines

D) None of the above

98. Lifting a box is:

A) Stretching

B) Twisting

C) Pushing

D) Pulling

99. Screw driver and scissor are called:

A) Simple machines

B) Cutter

C) Lifter

D) Complex Machines

100. Speed of a car can be changed by:

A) Hammering

B) Stretching

C) Twisting

D) Applying Force