Science Class 5th

101. The word virus has been derived from:

A) Greek

B) Latin

C) French

D) Roman

102. The first virus was isolated by:

A) James Stanley

B) W Stanley

C) Peter Starck

D) Tesla

103. The first virus that was isolated was:

A) Influenza Virus

B) HIV Virus

C) Corona Virus

D) Tobacco Mosaic Virus

104. There is no nucleus in Bacteria.

A) True

B) False

105. Which of the following is not a shape of Bacteria:

A) Rod

B) Round

C) Hexagonal

D) Spiral

106. Some Bacteria is useful for:

A) Converting Milk into Yogurt

B) Converting Sugar Syrup to Alcohol

C) Making Pickle

D) All of the above

107. Oil is converted into ghee by the help of bacteria.

A) True

B) False

108. Tuberculosis is caused by:

A) Fungi

B) Virus

C) Bacteria

D) Algae

109. Which of the following medicines is used to control bacteria?

A) Aspirin

B) Steroids

C) Antibiotics

D) Morphine

110. Mushrooms are a type of:

A) Fungi

B) Algae

C) Plant

D) Bacteria

111. Rust and Smut are diseases of ______.

A) Humans

B) Animals

C) Plants

D) All of the above

112. Rust and Smut are caused by:

A) Bacteria

B) Algae

C) Fungi

D) Virus

113. Ringworm is a fungal disease that affects:

A) Animals

B) Plants

C) Humans

D) All of the above

114. First Antibiotic was extracted from:

A) Bacteria

B) Plants

C) Fungi

D) Animals

115. When Microorganisms attack enter a living body and start to grow there:

A) Invasion

B) Growth

C) Infection

D) Disease

116. The power to control germs is called:

A) Ability

B) Immunity

C) Strength

D) Will Power

117. All virus are harmful:

A) True

B) False

118. A Fungus yeast converts milk into curd.

A) True

B) False

119. Infections of microorganisms could be avoided by observing cleaniness:

A) True

B) False

120. The Most important benefit of bacteria and fungi is to decompose the dead bodies of animals and plants:

A) True

B) False