Science Class 5th

141. The type of germination in which the cotyledon come above the soil is called:

A) Hypogeal Germination

B) Epigeal Germination

C) Both A and B

D) None of the above

142. Caster Oil Seed show which type of germination:

A) Hypogeal Germination

B) Epigeal Germination

143. Rose use which of the following:

A) Hypogeal Germination

B) Epigeal Germination

C) Vegetative Germination

D) None of the above

144. Plant require which of the following the most for growth:

A) Water

B) Soil

C) Sunlight

D) All of the above

145. All seeds have two cotyledons:

A) True

B) False

146. When the cotyledons come above the soil the germination is said to be epigeal.

A) True

B) False

147. Wheat, maize, barley and gram are all monocots.

A) True

B) False

148. Stored food is present in seed coat:

A) True

B) False

149. Cotyledons are important because:

A) Store fertilizers

B) Store Water

C) Store Food

D) Store Air


150. A seed kept at low temperature shall not show growth because:

A) it does not get light

B) it does not get water

C) it does not get air

D) It does not get the proper temperature

151. The process in which a seed grows into a new plant:

A) Germination

B) Vernalization

C) Imbibition

D) Fertilization

152. All are true for epigeal germination except:

A) Seed coat softens up after absorbing water

B) Cotyledons come above the soil

C) Cotyledons make first two leaves

D) Stems  arise before the root during germination

153. The young plant present in the seed is called:

A) Testa

B) Plumule

C) Embryo

D) Radical

154. The harmful change in the environment:

A) Modification

B) Pollution

C) Atmosphere

D) None of the above

155. The things that cause pollution:

A) Pollution Agents

B) Pollution Inhibitors

C) Pollutants

D) Pollution Promoters

156. There are _____ types of pollution:

A) Two
B) Three
C) Four

D) Five

157. Which of the following does not cause water pollution:

A) Hospital Wastes

B) Factories Wastes

C) Household Waste

D) Forest Fires

158. The amount of _____ is rising in the atmosphere due to air pollution:

A) Oxygen

B) Nitrogen

C) Carbon Dioxide

D) Hydrogen

159. Land Pollution is caused by:

A) Solid Waste

B) Liquid Waste

C) Both A and B

D) None of the above

160. Which of the following gases cause acid rain:

A) Sulpher Dioxide
B) Nitrogen Dioxide
C) Ozone
D) Both A and B