Science Class 5th

201. Water that we use comes from which of the following:

A) Oceans

B) Glaciers

C) Underwater Water

D) All of the above

202. Clouds are very heavy. They move due to:

A) Attractive Force of Moon

B) Gravity of Earth

C) Air

D) Sunlight

203. When a cloud pass a colder region condensation occurs:

A) True

B) False

204. ______ is the tiny drops present in the air.

A) Humidity

B) Moisture

C) Both A and B

D) None of the above

205. _______ is the moisture that sets on plants and land due cold weather:

A) Dew

B) Fog

C) Frost

D) Snow

206. Grass is moist in the morning due to:

A) Frost

B) Dew

C) Snow

D) Fog

207. Water Droplets suspended in the air:

A) Frost

B) Snow

C) Fog

D) Dew

208. Which of the following causes reduction in visibility:

A) Dew

B) Fog

C) Snow

D) Frost

209. When the weather becomes cold enough to cause freezing:

A) Dew

B) Fog

C) Snow

D) Frost

210. Frozen water falling from the sky:

A) Dew

B) Fog

C) Snow

D) Frost

211. Water falling from the sky due to condensation is called:

A) Dew

B) Rain

C) Snow

D) Fog

212. Matter exists in ________ type

A) Two

B) Three

C) Four

D) Ten

213. Boiling point of water is _______ ⁰C

A) 10

B) 0

C) 100

D) 123

214. Moisture is small droplets of water.

A) True

B) False

215. In ______ molecules are closely packed.

A) Liquids


C) Gases

D) Plasma

216. Liquids adopt the ______ of the container.

A) Volume

B) Size

C) Shape

D) None Of The Above

217. State of matter that has fixed shape and volume is called:

A) Solid

B) Liquid

C) Gas

D) None Of The Above

218. It fills all the available volume:

A) Liquid

B) Gas

C) Liquid

D) Soil

219. Change of liquid to solid:

A) Freezing

B) Boiling

C) Evaporation

D) Condensation

220. In water cycle, the sun plays important role in:

A) Condensation

B) Evaporation

C) Sublimation

D) Boiling