Science Class 5th

261. _______ is responsible for falling of objects on earth:

A) Friction

B) Pressure

C) Density

D) Gravity

262. Devices that make our work easier are called:

A) Androids

B) Machines

C) Wheel

D) None of the above

263. _______ is a force that opposes motion.

A) Gravity

B) Friction

C) Air Resistance

D) Attractive Forces

264. There will be no _____ if the forces are balanced.

A) Motion

B) Wear and Tear

C) Attraction

D) Breakage

265. Light is a form of energy.

A) True

B) False

266. _______ is the largest source of natural light.

A) Light Bulbs

B) Moon

C) Sun

D) Comets

267. Stars reflect light.

A) True

B) False

268. Moon is a luminous object.

A) True

B) False

269. Objects that _________ are called Non Luminous Objects.

A) Emit Light

B) Reflect Light

C) Both A and B

D) None of the above

270. We hear the sound the thunder after seeing the flashes of lightening, because:

A) The Speed of light is grater than speed of sound.

B) The sight of lighting is far from us.

C) Because flashes or lightening have no relation to the sound of thunder

D) None of the above

271. If we cannot see through the object, the object is:

A) Transparent

B) Inverted

C) Opaque

D) Blurred

272. Transparent Glass:

A) We Can Partially See Through It

B) We Get A Blurred Image In It

C) We Cannot See Through It

D) We Can See Through It

273. When the Moon comes between the sun and the Earth.

A) Solar Eclipse

B) Lunar Eclipse

C) Apocalypse

D) Full Moon

274. When Earth passes directly between the moon and sun:

A) Solar Eclipse

B) Lunar Eclipse

C) Apocalypse

D) Full Moon

275. Observing a Solar Eclipse without any protection can cause:

A) Burns

B) Rashes

C) Blindness

D) Nothing

276. The moon is very thin at:

A) First Day of Every Month

B) 7th Day of Every Month

C) 15th Day of Every Month

D) Last Day of Every Month

277. Moon reflects the light of:

A) Earth

B) Other Planets

C) Its own light

D) Sun

278. Any object that orbits a planet is called:

A) Moon

B) Comet

C) Satellite

D) Star

279. The New moon is:

A) Dark and Invisible

B) Thin Crescent

C) Half  and Bright

D) Full and Bright

280. When we see only a silver of the moon surface:

A) Full Moon

B) Crescent Moon

C) Quarter Moon

D) Waning Moon