Science Class 5th

81. Classification of Animals and plants is called as:

A) Taxonomy

B) Biology

C) Chemistry

D) Histology

82. All of the following are flowering plants, except:

A) Sunflower

B) Moss

C) Rose

D) Jasmine

83. Running birds have lost their ability to fly because:

A) They failed to develop wings in their life time.

B) They tried to live in water

C) They had no natural predator

D) Their wings were destroyed due to some virus

84. All of the characteristics of Mammals except:

A) Hair on Body

B) Very hard and rough skin

C) Mother suckles the babies on its milk

D) give birth to babies.

85. Monocots are different from dicots plants by the characteristics of:

A) Roots depth in the soil

B) Grow in the deserts

C) Stem very hard and woody

D) Numbers of cotyledons in the Seed

86. None Flowering Plants grow in:

A) Sand

B) Rocky place

C) Damp Places

D) Every where

87. Monocots and Dicots are subgroups of ________.

A) Non Flowering Plants

B) Flowering Plants

C) Trees

D) none of the above

88. Insects and worms are the subgroup of _______.

A) Animals

B) Reptiles

C) Non Vertebrates

D) Plants

89. Vertebrates that respire through gills are called:

A) Mammals

B) Fishes

C) Birds

D) Reptiles

90. Snakes, crocodile and Turtles belong to the group of:

A) Fishes

B) Reptiles

C) Amphibians

D) None of the above

91. Small organisms are seen by the help of special equipment called as:

A) Telescope

B) Microscope

C) Oscilloscope

D) Magnifying glass

92. Microscope was invented by:

A) James Frank

B) Antony VanLeewenhoeke

C) Robert Brown

D) James Franklin

93. The Microscope was invented by a _______Scientisit.

A) Dutch

B) English

C) French

D) Irish

94. Microscope was invented in ______.

A)  1673

B) 1667

C) 1632

D) 1637

95. Microscope show the image in ______ way.

A) Small

B) Clarified

C) Enlarged

D) Inverted

96. _______ are the smallest and simplest organisms.

A) Bacteria

B) Virus

C) Fungi

D) Algae

97. Viruses can only be seen by:

A) Naked Eye

B) Light Microscope

C) Compound Microscope

D) Electron Microscope

98. Viruses can be in the shape of:

A) Spherical

B) Rod

C) Tadpol

D) All of the above

99. Viruses are very useful for everyone.

A) True

B) False

100. Pox is caused by:

A) Virus

B) Bacteria

C) Algae

D) Fungi