Science Class 6th

161. Rate of decomposition is fast in?

A. Desert

B. Rain forest

C. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D. None of these

162. Soil is rich in decomposed material in?

A. Rain forest

B. Desert

C. Field

D. None of these

163. Dry climate, scarce water and humidity, are characteristics of _____?

A. Desert

B. Forests

C. Water

D. Fields

164. Temperature is very low at night and very high in day time in?

A. Grounds

B. Antarctica

C. Desert

D. All of these

165. In desert, vegetation is ____ .

A. Rare

B. Dense

C. None of these

166. Rate of decomposition of plants and animals is slow in?

A. Desert

B. Forests

C. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D. None of the above

167. All living things require ____ to live.

A. Food

B. Energy

C. Light

D. Sleep

168. Living things obtain energy from?

A. Grass

B. Food

C. Plants

D. Air

169. Interaction between organism is _____.

A. Beneficial

B. Harmful

C. May be beneficial or harmful

D. None of these

170. An interaction in which predator feeds on prey is called?

A. Predation

B. Killing

C. Massacre

D. Brutality

171. Cat grabbing and killing a rat is example of?

a. Mutualism

b. Predation

c. Both a and b

d. None of these

172. An organism which feeds on another organism by living in its body, the rela- tionship is?

A. Predation

B. Parasitisim

C. Mutualism

D. All of the above

173. Parasite gets food from ____ of host.

A. Cells

B. Tissues

C. Intestine

D. All of these

174. Tap worm inside human intestine is example of?

A. Parasitism

B. Mutualism

C. None of these

175. In ____ none of the organism is harmed.

A. Parasitism

B. Mutualism

C. Predation

176. A bacteria living in human intestine and helping in digestion is example of?

A. Parasitism

B. Mutualism

C. Predation

D. None of these

177. ______ in human intestine helps in digestion.

A. Virus

B. Fungi

C. Bacteria

D. None of these

178. Plants are?


B. Parasites

C. Predators

D. Consumers

179. Lion is regarded as in a Predator-Prey relationship.

A. Omnivores

B. Predator

C. Consumer

D. Prey

180. Abiotic component is?

A. Lion

B. Apple

C. Water Vapours

D. Beetle