Science Class 6th

181. Thar is an example of ______ environment.

A. Tropical rainforest

B. Desert

C. Grassland

D. Acquatic

182. Mosquito feeding on human blood is an example of ?

A. Predation

B. Parasitism

C. Mutualism

D. None of these

183. The name of the elements was suggested by?

A. Dalton

B. Robert Boyle

D. Bohr

D.None of these

184.______suggested that each element consists of its own kind of particles?

A. Boyle

B. Dalton

C. Newton

D. Bohr

185. Everything around us is made up of ?

A. Atoms

B. Ions

C. Formulas

D. Matter

186. The building bloc of matter is?

A. Atom

B. Molecule

C. Ion

D. Compound

187. Nobel gases are?

A. Helium

B. Neon

C. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D. None of these

188. Which of the following can’t exist as single atom?

A. Hydrogen

B. Helium

C. Neon

D. Argon

189. The smallest particle of substance which can exist independently?

A. Atom

B. Compound

C. Ion

D. Molecule

190. H2, O2 are?

A. Atoms

B. Molecules 

C. Compounds

D. Both ‘b’ and ‘c’

191. CO and H2O are?

A. Molecules

B. Compounds

C. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D. Ions

192.______is composed of only one kind of atom and can’t be broken down further.

A. Molecule

B. Compound

C. Element

D. Mixture

193. Atoms of the same element are similar in _____properties.

A. Physical

B. Chemical

C. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D. None of these

194. Helium and Gold are?

A. Elements

B. Molecules

C. Mixtures

D. Ions

195. Elements are represented by?

A. Formula

B. Symbols

C. Units

D. None of these

196. Correct symbol for Sodium is?

A. So

B. Na

C. Sd


197. _____ believed that atoms couldn’t be sub-divided into smaller particles.

A. Greeks

B. Egyptians

C. Italians

D. None of these

198. Modern research shows that atoms ?

A. Can be divided

B. Can’t divided

C. Sometimes divided sometimes not

D. None of these

199. Correct symbol of Iron is?

A. Ir

B. I

C. Fe

D. None of these

200. Electricity can pass through?

A. Metals

B. Non-metals

C. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D. None of these