Science Class 6th

201. ______ are lustrous and opaque?

A. Non-metals

B. Metals

C. Compounds

D. Elements

202. Metals melt at?

A. Low temperature

B. Moderate Temperature

C. High Temperature

D. None of these

203. Metals are ductile, which means?

A. Wire can’t be made

B. Can be drawn into thin wire

C.Can be eaten

D. None of these

204. Metals are sonorous, which means?

A. Produce sound when struck

B. Don’t produce sound

C. Hard

D. Soft

205. All metals are solid, except?

A. Iron

B. Mercury

C. Na

D. Ca

206. Coins and Nails are made up of?

A. Metals

B. Molecules

C. Non metals

D. Mixture

207. Properties of Non-metals?

A. Dull

B. Low density

C. Lustrous

D. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

208. Non-Metals are?

A. Ductile

B. Non-ductile

C. None of these

209. Electricity can be pass through?

A. Graphite

B. Silicon

C. Hydrogen

D. Helium

210. The only Non-metal through which electricity can be passed is?

A. He

B. Ne

C. Graphite

D. None of these

211. Non-Metals may be?

A. Solid

B. Liquid

C. Gases

D. All of these

212. Out of 118 elements, are classified as Non-metals.

A. 30

B. 20

C. 60

D. 50

213. Hydrogen, Helium, Nitrogen are?

A. Solids

B. Liquids

C. Gases

D. None of these

214. Bromine is a non metal which is?

A. Solid

B. Liquid

C. Gas

D. None of these

215. Iodine and Sulphur are?

A. Solids

B. Liquids

C. Gases

D. None of these

216. _____are used in electricity wires and utensils?

A. Carbon

B. Copper

C. Aluminum

D. Both ‘b’ and ‘c’

217. ______ is used in bridges and buildings.

A. Iron

B. Copper

C. Aluminum

D. None of these

218. Diamond has ______ appearance.

A. Shiny

B. Dull

C. Boring

D. None of these

219. _______ is used in pencils for being soft and leaving mark on paper.

A. Diamond

B. Graphite

C. Silicon

D. None of these

220. ______ has rapid burning property and is used in matches.

A. Diamond

B. Iron

C. Phosphorous

D. None of these