Science Class 6th

241. ______ is the process of separating technique of miscible liquids, used to recover a solvent from a solution.

A. Filtration

B. Sublimation

C. Distillation

D. None

242. In process of distillation the separation of substances occur?

A. Partial separation

B. Complete Separation

C. No separation

D. Both a & b

243. _____ is a modern technique of separation of mixture.

A. Chromatography

B. Distillation

C. Filtration

D. None

244. Chromatography is_____word.

A. Greek

B. Latin

C. Hebrew

D. English

245. ‘Chroma’ means?

A. Color

B. To write

C. None of these

246. ‘Graphein’ means?

A. To write

B. Color

C. None of these

247. In chromatography, solvent is moving over?

A. Adsorbent medium

B. Porous medium

C. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D. None of these

248. Paper Chromatography is _____ technique.

A. Simple

B. Complex

C. Expensive

D. None

249. _____Constituent elements of washing soda are?

A. C and O

B. Na and O

C. Na and C

D. Na, C and O

250. Which of these is not mixture?

A. Water

B. Tea

C. Air

D. Alloy

251. Which atoms are found in CH4 (Methane)?

A. 4 Carbon and 4 Hydrogen

B. 1 Carbon and 1 Hydrogen

C. 1 Carbon and 4 Hydrogen

D. None of these

252. Correct order of maintaining salt from mixture is?

A. Dissolving–filtration–evaporation

B. Evaporation–filtration–dissolving

C. Filtration–dissolving–evaporation

D. None of these

253. Surface of earth is surrounded by thick layer of air called?

A. Chromosphere

B. Atmosphere

C. Lithosphere

D. None

254. The height of atmosphere reaches to ____ Km.

A. 300

B. 400

C. 500

D. 100

255. Atmosphere is made up of _____ layers.

A. 4

B. 3

C. 6

D. 5

256. We live in ______ .

A. Troposphere

B Mesosphere

C. Exosphere

D. None

257. Thickness of Troposphere is?

A. 5 miles

B. 7 miles

C. 8 miles

D. 10 miles

258. The layer of atmosphere blocking sun’s heat so that we don’t get overheated.

A. Exosphere

B. Stratosphere

C. Mesosphere

D. None of these

259. The second lowest layer is?

A. Thermosphere

B. Exosphere

C. Stratosphere

260. The propagating medium for sound is?

A. Matter

B. Atom

C. Nitrogen

D. Air