Science Class 6th

341. Which statement is true for suspension?

A. Solute is completely dissolved in solvent

B. Solute is not completely dissolved in solvent

C. Have uniform composition

D. Solute can’t be seen with human eye


342. ______ is required for all activities.

A. Energy

B. Heat

C. Water

D. Food

343. The ability of body to do work is called?

A. Work

B. Energy

C. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D. None of these

344. The two main categories of energy are?

A. Kinetic energy

B. Work

C. Potential energy

D. Both ‘a’ and ‘c’

345. The energy stored in a body due to its position is called?

A. Potential Energy

B. Kinetic Energy

346. Stretched Rubber band has ______ energy.

A. Kinetic

B. Potential

C. Neither KE nor PE

D. None of these

347. Energy of a body due to its motion is called?

A. Kinetic energy

B. Potential Energy

C. Mechanical Energy

D. None of these

348. A bullet fired from gun has _______ energy.

A. Energy

B. Potential

C. Kinetic

349. Heat is a form of?

A. Potential energy

B. Kinetic energy

C. Energy

D. None of these

350. Heat is thermal energy flowing from hotter body to _________.

A. Hot body

B. Colder body

C. Ice

D. None of these

351. Light is a form of ________ energy.

A. Potential

B. Heat

C. Kinetic

D. All of these

352. _____ is the major source of light energy.

A. Light

B. Sun

C. Flood light

D. None of these

353. ______ energy helps us to see thing.

A. Heat

B. Kinetic

C. Potential

D. Light


354. Our sense of ________ detect light energy.

A. Smell

B. Sight

C. Taste

D. Hearing

355. Electrical energy is due to the movement of?

A. Proton

B. Electrical Charges

C. Atoms

356. Electrical charge moving through a wire is called?

A. Electricity

B. Charge

C. Electron

D. None of these

357. _______ is a form of energy.

A. Sound

B. Computer

C. Mobile

D. None of these

358. _____ Energy can travel through all states of matter.

A. Light

B. Sound

C. Heat

D. Electricity

359. ____ energy can’t travel through vacuum.

A. Sound

B. Light

C. None of these


360. _______ energy helps us to hear things.

A. Light

B. Heat

C. Sound

D. All of these