Science Class 6th

381. Our food contains?

A. Chemical energy

B. Heat energy

C. Light energy

D. None of these

382. An energy source that can’t be replaced or replaced very slowly by natural processes, is called?

A. Non-renewable energy resource

B. Renewable

C. None of these

383. Oil, Coal, Natural gas are?

A. Renewable

B. Non Renewable

C. Non of these

384. 1-3 years age group needs energy?

a. 1200 K Cal

b. 2300 K Cal

c. 1400 K Cal

d. Non of these

385. 4-6 years age group needs energy?

a. 1200 K Cal

b. 1600 K Cal

c. 1800 K Cal

386. 7-10 years age group needs _______ K Cal energy.

A. 3000

B. 4000

C. 2000

D. Non of these

387. 11-12 years age group needs ______ K Cal energy daily.

A. 5000

B. 6000

C. 8000

D. 2500

388. Animals and Humans store chemical energy of food and then change it into?

A. Heat

B. Kinetic Energy

C. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D. None of these

389. Humans and Animals in the end dissipate _______ energy into atmosphere.

A. Heat

B. Light

C. Kinetic

D. Both ‘a’ and ‘c’

390. Energy from sun passes to earth in form of?

A. Conduction

B. Radiation

C. Conviction

391. Energy from sun is absorbed into environment by?

A. Conduction

B. Convection

C. None of these

392. The energy absorbed by conduction is then eased into atmosphere by the process of?

A. Convection

B. Conduction

C. Radiation

D. None

393. The main source energy is _______.

A. Sun

B. Wind

C. Water

D. Magnet

394. A moving car has _______ energy.

A. Tidal

B. Kinetic

C. Potential

D. None

395. Which is not form of energy?

A. Heat

B. Light

C. Lamp

D. Sound

396. In battery, chemical energy is changed into?

A. Heat

B. Sound

C. Light

D. Electrical

397. ____ helps in making our work easier.

A. Machines

B. Tractor

C. Trolley

D. Truck

398. Wheel and Axle are ______ machines

A. Complex

B. Simple

C. All of these

399. Wheel and axle consists of wheel attached to __________ axle.

A. Larger

B. Smaller

C. None of these