Science Class 6th

521. The following are types of curved mirror.

A. Concave mirror

B. Convex mirror

C. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D. None

522. A curved mirror whose shining surface curves inward is called ______ mirror.

A. Convex

B. Concave

C. None of these

523. Concave mirror are?

A. Reflecting

B. Refracting

C. None of the above

524. Concave mirrors _______ parallel beams of light.

A. Diverge

B. Converge

C. Neither of these

D. All of these

525. The point at which light rays converge is called?

A. Focal point

B. Focus

C. Principal focus

D. None

526. If the position of object from a concave mirror is changed which of the following will change?

A. Nature

B. Size

C. Location

D. All of these

527. If an object lies in front of concave mirror, beyond or at the principal focus, what would be the features of image?

A. Real

B. Virtual

C. Inverted

D. Both ‘a’ and ‘c’

528. If an object lies in front of a concave mirror between principal focus and the mirror, image formed would be?

A. Magnified

B. Upright

C. Virtual

D. All of the above

529. Concave mirrors are used by?

A. Doctors

B. Car headlights, search lights

C. Microscope

D. All of these

530. Concave mirror is used in:

A. Cosmetic mirror

B. Telescope

C. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

531. Center of the curve, denoted by “C”, is called?

A. Center

B. Curvature

C. Center of curvature

D. None

532. The center of the mirror is called?

A. Pole

B. Center

C. None of these

533. Line joining “C” and “P” that passes through center of curvature is called?

A. Axis

B. Line

C. Point

D. Principal axis

534. A spherical mirror whose shining surface curves outward is called _____ mirror.

A. Concave

B. Plane

C. Convex

D. None

535. Convex mirror is also called?

A. Converging mirror

B. Diverging mirror

C. None

536. Image formed by convex mirror is?

A. Upright

B. Virtual

C. Smaller

D. All of these

537. Convex mirrors are used in?

A. Vehicles to observe rear view

B. Blind corners

C. Security mirrors

D. All of these

538. An instrument used to see distant objects:

A. Periscope

B. Telescope

C. Microscope

D. None of these

539. Image formed by convex mirror is always?

A. Virtual

B. Erect and large

C. Real

D. Inverted

540. A microscope is an instrument used to produce ______ images.

A. Large

B. Small

C. Short

D. Far