Science Class 7th

1. The digestive system is involved in the breakdown of food into ___________.

A) Small molecule

B) Large molecule

C) Both a & b

2. ___________is process in which food is broken down into simpler, soluble form absorption in the blood stream.

A) Enzymes

B) Digestions

C) Plasma

D) None of them

3. During digestion, large and complex molecule are broken down into smaller and simple molecules ____________.

A) Mechanically

B) Chemically

C) Mechanically and chemically

D) None of them

4. Mechanical digestion involves the breaking down of large pieces of food into _________.

A) Smaller pieces

B) Large pieces

C) Both a & b

5. Chemical digestion takes place through the action of different enzymes, produced by the_______.

A) Digestive glands

B) Glucose

C) Salivary glands

D) None of them

6. The human _______ consist of a long tube called the alimentary canal and digestive glands (liver and pancreas).

A) Large intestine

B) Organs

C) Digestive system

7. The food is digested when it passes through ________.

A) Stomach

B) Small intestine

C) Pancreas

D) None of these

8. Food passes through the alimentary canal which is a continuous tube starts from the ________ and ends at the_______.

A) Mouth, stomach

B) Stomach, anus

C) Mouth, anus

D) None of them

9. Salivary glands, which are present in the mouth, secret _______.

A) Saliva

B) Blood

C) Water

D) None of them

10. Saliva is a watery fluid which makes the food ________.

A) Soft and slippery

B) Hard

C) Oily

11. The soft paste of food is called _______.

A) Bolus

B) Cavity

C) Saliva

D) Enzymes

12. The esophagus is long, narrow and hollow muscular tube which carries the food (bolus) from the mouth cavity to the _______.

A) Throat

B) Stomach

C) Anus

D) None of them

13. Both ends of the esophagus are tightly closed by sphincter muscles, which prevent food from coming back to the esophagus from the_______ or from the esophagus back into ______.

A) Stomach, mouth

B) Liver, pancreas

C) Stomach, throat

14. Stomach is a ______ like structure of the digestive system.

A) Attach

B) Punch

C) Sac

D) Pack

15. It is made of __________ which contract and relax continuously and help in the breakdown of food.

A) Thin muscular wall

B) Thick muscular wall

C) Sphincter

16. The walls of the stomach secrete the juice called _______, which includes enzymes and other chemicals.

A) Gastric juice

B) Glucose juice

C) Saliva

D) None of them

17. When food leaves the stomach, it is transformed into a semi-liquid mass called______.

A) Chyme 

B) Anus

C) Esophagus

D) Large intestine

18. The____________ in stomach help to breakdown the proteins in the food and also kills unwanted bacteria that may have been swallowed.

A) Chyme


C) Gastric juice

D) None of  these

19. Small intestine is ______ long, narrow and coiled tube.

A) 6-8 meters

B) 9-12 meters

C) 10-12 meters

D) 15-18 meters

20. The esophagus is centimetres long and is located close/parallel to the trachea (breathing tube) and the heart.

A) 25:30

B) 35:45

C) 40:45

D) 30:40