Science Class 7th

121. Absorption of water from soil takes place by _______ present on the roots behind the root tip

A) Root hairs

B) Soil particles

C) Phloem

122. Water flows in a_______ stream through the plant

A) Continuous

B) Broken

C) Discontinuous

123. Water enters through the roots and flows up the ______ of the root and stem to the leaves.

A) Xylem vessel

B) Phloem vessel

C) None of these

124. Water diffuses out of stomata, which are present on the ______ of the leaves

A) Lower surface

B) Upper surface

C) Both a &b

D) Middle surface

125. The evaporation of water from leaves is called________

A) Transpiration

B) Stomata

C) Photosynthesis

126. _________ is the movement of water molecules from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration of water through a semipermeable membrane

A) Osmosis

B) Transpiration

C) Photosynthesis

127. Food prepared by the leave is transported to the other parts of the plant by the______.

A) Phloem tissues

B) Xylem tissue

C) Both a & b

128. The movement of food from the leaves to storage areas and growing points is called

A) Translocation

B) Transpiration

C) Osmosis

129. For the process of respiration, plant take in oxygen and give out______

A) Carbon dioxide

B) Oxygen

C) None of these

130. _________in living organisms help in moving many materials into their bodies, within their bodies or out of their bodies

A) Transport system

B) Respiratory system

C) Transpiration system

131. Heart is a pumping organ present in the_____

A) Chest cavity

B) Ribs

C) Stomach

132. The heart has ____ chamber, two atria and ventricles.

A) Four

B) Three

C) Two

133. The blood from the heart Is transported to all parts of the body by the _____

A) Arteries

B) Veins

C) Capillaries

D) Villi

134. Transport of water from roots in plants take place through

A) Phloem

B) Xylem

C) Epidermis

D) Stomata

135. The evaporation of water from leaves is called_____

A) Photosynthesis

B) Respiration

C) Transpiration

D) Translocation

136. The largest artery is called_____

A) Aorta

B) Ventricle

Cc) Atrium

D) Pulmonary artery

137. Synthesis of carbohydrates takes place in ___

A) Roots

B) Stem

C) Fruit

D) Leaves

138. Tissue culture and stem cell technology can be used to form _______which could be transplanted as the replacement of diseased organs.

A) Artificial organs

B) Real organs

C) Both a & b

139. Exchange of gases and nutrients take place between the tissue and blood in the______

A) Capillaries

B) Veins

C) Veins

D) Arteries

140. High blood pressure and high cholesterol cause heart attack or heart failure. Cause of many heart disorders is _______diet

A) Imbalanced

B) Balance

C) Both a & b