Science Class 7th

201. An animal that feed on plants is called

A) Producer

B) Secondary consumer

C) Primary consumer

D) Decomposer

202. In winter most cold blooded animals disappear because they:

A) Die

B) Hibernate

C) Migrate

D) Eaten away

203. The meat eaters are also known as:

A) Carnivores

B) Omnivores

C) Producers

204. About of the earth surface is covered by water.

A) 70%

B) 60%

C) 75%

D) 80%

205. The first essential requirement for the survival of life is

A) Water

B) Food

C) Air

D) None of these

206. The second essential requirement for the survival of life is

A) Air

B) Food

C) Water

D) None of these

207. Water comprises approximately of the weight of an adult body

A) 50%

B) 60%

C) 75%

D) 66%

208. The main sources of water on earth surface are

A) Glaciers

B) Underground water

C) Atmospheric water

D) All of the above

209. Oceans contain more than of total water

A) 80%

B) 92%

C) 89%

D) 97%

210. Atmosphere contain water as

A) Rain

B) Water vapour

C) Acid rain


211. The fresh needed for human requirements is nearly of the total

A) 0.02%

B) 1%

C) 1.5%

D) 2%

212. Substances that causes water pollution are called

A) Pollutant

B) Pollution

C) Water pollution

D) Option B&C

213. Pollution is mainly caused by sewage.

A) Air pollution

B) Industrial pollution

C) Domestic pollution

D) None of these

214. is the waste derived from homes, school and offices.

A) Pollution

B) Dirty water

C) Sewage

D) None of these

215. The poisonous waste like pesticides and fertilizer are

A) Industrial waste

B) Domestic waste

C) Agricultural waste

D) None of these

216. contains highly toxic compounds of mercury, lead chromium etc.

A) Sewage

B) Agricultural waster

C) Domestic waste

D) Industrial waste

217. Nitrogen and sulphur dissolve in rain water and cause

A) Pollution

B) Air pollution

C) Acid Rain

D) None of these

218. The technique which separate volatile substance from non-volatile substance is called

A) Distillation

B) Fermentation

C) Purification

D) None of these


219. Impure water can be purified by

A) Fermentation

B) Purification

C) Distillation

D) None of these

220. The two basic techniques used in purifications on water are

A) Boiling and cooling

B) Cooling and condensation

C) Boiling and Condensation