Science Class 7th

391. Bat audible frequency range?

A)  65000 – 600000

B)  2000 – 110000

C)  36000 – 42000

D)  None

392. Ultrasound is used to examine patients?

A)  Internally

B)  Externally

C) None

393. Ultrasounds is used by manufacturers of concrete slabs for checking?

A) Cracks

B) Cavities

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D) None of these

394. Earthquake and Tsunamis’ infrasonic waves are picked in advance by?

A) Humans

B) Machines

C) Animals

D) None

395. Communicate over a distance of hundred miles through infrasonic waves.

A) Whales

B) Elephants

C) Alligators

D) All of these

396. Which of the following media is worst for transmitting sound waves?

A) Water

B) Iron

C) Vacuum

D) Wood

397. Current is the flow of?

A) Charged particles

B) Charges

C) Charged Carriers

D)  Both ‘a’ and ‘c’

398. Current is measured in ?

A) Joule

B) Ampere

C) Kg

D)  None

399. ____ a path along which current flows

A) Electric Path

B) Path way

C) Electric Circuit

D)  None of these

400. Electric circuit consists of?

A) Battery

B) Connecting Wires

C) Electrical components

 D) All of these

401. If there is break in circuit current will not flow, such a circuit is called?

A) Open Circuit

B) Closed Circuit

C) Both of these

D) None of these

402.____ is used to close or break a circuit.

A) Switch

B) Bulb

C)  Battery

D) None of these

403. A____circuit is one in which all devices are connected one after another.

A) Series

B) Parallel

C) Both of them  

D) None of these

404. Series circuit consists of ______ pathway through which current can flow.

A) Single

B) Multiple

C) Two 

D) None of these

405. Current flowing through each component in series circuit is?

A) Different

B) Same

C) None of these

406. If one component in the series circuit is broken, the current will

A) Flow

B) Not flow

C) Sometimes flow

D) None

407. Which of the following has series circuit?

A) Strings of decorative lights

B) Batteries in remote control

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D) None of these

408. A ____ circuit is a closed circuit in which the current splits into two or more branches before recombining.

A) Series

B) Parallel

C) None  of these

409. Current flowing through parallel circuit may be?

A) Same

B) Different

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D) None of these

410. If there is break in parallel circuit, current will?

A) Flow

B) Not flow

C) None of these