Science Class 7th

411. Which of the following has Parallel circuit?

A) Chandelier

B) Electrical appliances in home

C) Both “a” and “b”

D) None of these

412. While connecting cells in series, you must connect

A) Positive terminal with positive

B) Positive terminal with negative

C) None of these

413. While connecting cells in parallel, you must connect?

A) Positive terminal of one to positive of another

B) Positive with negative

C) Negative with positive

D) None

414. Which of the following have more resistance?

A) Long wires

B) Thick wires

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D) None of these

415. Electrical energy is measured in?

A) Joules

B) Watts

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D) None of these

416. Electrical ____ is the amount of heat generated due to resistance during the flow of current for certain period of time.

A) Power

B) Energy

C) Both  a & b  

D) None of these

417. A fan converts electrical energy into?

A) Mechanical

B) Potential

C) Heat

D) None of these

418. Electric current produces effects.

A) Magnetic

B) Chemical

C) Heating

D) All of these

419. Electromagnets are used in?

A) Electric bells

B) Electric motors

C) Loud speaker

D) All of these

420. Chemical effect of current is used in?

A) Electroplating

B) Extraction of metal

C) Purification of metals

D) All of these

421. Heating effect is utilized in ____ electric appliances

A) Room heater

B) Electric bulb

C) Room heater

D) All of these

422. The potential difference between two points in a circuit or battery is called?

A) Volt meter

B) Voltage

C) Unit

D) None

423. “Volt” is named after?

A) Alessandro Volta

B) Newton

C) Hobbs

D) None

424. Alessandro Volta invented the first?

A) Bulb

B) Pen

C) Chemical Battery

D) None of these

425. Voltages is represented by letter?

A) v

B) V

C) Volt

D) None

426. The opposition to the flow of charge is called?

A) Voltage

B) Resistance

C) Volt

D) Opposition

427. Current and Voltage are Proportional.

A) Directly

B) Indirectly

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D) None

428. Resistance is measured in?

A) Joule

B) Volt

C) Ohms

D) None

429. A dimmer switch makes use of?

A) Resistance

B) Bulb

C) Low light

D) None

430. With addition of more bulbs in series circuit, resistance?

A) Decreases

B) Increases

C) Both  a & b 

D) None of these