Science Class 8th

121. Length of spinal cord is

A. Varies according to height.

B. 12inches

C. Does not vary

D. None

122. Which part connect nerves/peripherl nervous system to brain

A. Vertebral column

B. Skin

C. Spinal cord

D. None

123. Which signals passes through spinal cord to brain

A. Sensory

B. Motor

C. Reflex

D. All.

124. Paralysis results when

A. Skull damage

B. Spinal cord damage.

C. Other part of body damage

D. None

125. What happens when spinal cord damage

A. Brain and body parts disconnect

B. paralysis occurs

C. both of above.

D. None

126. Perepheral nervous system consist of

A. Sensory neuron

B. Motor

C. Both.

D. None

127. Impulse from brain to effector is carried by

A. Sensory neuron

B. Motor neuron.

C. Both

D. Associative neuron

128. Impulse from receptor to brain is carried through

A. Sensorry neuron.

B. Motor neuron

C. Associative neuron

D. All

129. Cranial nerves arise from

A. Brain.

B. Spinal cord

C. Both

D. None

130. How much are cranial nerves

A. 12

B. 15

C. 12pairs.

D. None

131. Cranial nerves mainly serves

A. Head

B. Neck

C. All parts

D. A and B

132. Spinal nerves arises from

A. Brain

B. Spinal cord 

C. a & b 

D. None

133. How much are spinal nerves

A. 31 Pairs

B. 33 pairs

C. 62 Pairs

D. Both A and B

134. Basic unit of nervous system

A. Cell

B. Neurons.

C. Brain

D. None

135. Number of neuron in brain

A. 100billion

B. 100million

C. More than 100 billion.

D. Less than 100Billion

136. Nerves are made of

A. Cell

B. Atom

C. Neuron.

D. None

137. Neuron contains how much part

A. 2.

B. 4

C. 5

D. 1

138. Name main parts of neuron

A. Axon and Dendrites

B. Cell body and dendrites

C. Cell body and Axon.

D. None

139. Thicker region of neuron

A. Cell body.

B. Axon

C. Dendrites

D. All have same

140. Thread like projections of neuron is

A. Axon

B. Dendrites.

C. Cell body

D. A and B