Science Class 8th

141. Cell body of neuron contain

A. Nucleus

B. Dendrites

C. Cytoplasm

D. Both A and C

142. Which part of axon carries impulse away from cell body

A. Axon

B. Dendrite

C. Both above

D. None

143. Usually neuron has how many axon

A. More than one

B. One

C. Two

D. Three

144. Neuron transmits message in form of

A. Mechanical wave

B. Electromechanical wave

C. Both

145. Neuron transmits message in form of electromechanical wave called

A. Nerve Impulse

B. Nerve message

C. Nerve information

D. All

146. Fatty substance covering axon form

A. Covering

B. Myelin sheath

C. Both above

D. None

147.Myelin sheath is present around

A. Axon

B. Dendrites

148. Single nerve is made of how much neuron

A. One

B. Many

C. Nerve and neuron are same

D. None

149. One basis of function neurons are of how much types

A. Three

B. Four

C. More than Four

D. One

150. Neuron which carry impulses from Central nervous system to effectors :

A. Motor

B. Sensory

C. Both

D. Associative

151. Neuron which carry impulse from CNS to rest of body

A. Sensory

B. Associative

C. Motor

D. Both A and B

152. Neuron which connect sensory and motor neuron

A. Associative

B. Motor

C. Sensory

D. None

153. Associtive neuron is also called

A. Sensory

B. Connective

C. Inter

D. Motor

154. Maximum speed of impulse is

A. 150m/s

B. 130m/s

C. 0.2m/s

D. None

155. Minimum speed of impulse

A. 0.2m/s

B. 0.5m/s

C. 80m/s

D. 70m/s

156. Brain of adult man consist of how many neurons

A. 1000000

B. 100000000

C. 1500000

D. 100000000000

157. Any change in enviroment is called

A. Stimulus.

B. Simple change

C. Receptor

D. None

158. An immediate involuntary response to a stimulus is called:

A. Stimulus

B. Reflex Action

C. Voluntary action

D. Involuntary action

159. Stimulus is detected by

A. Receptors

B. Effector

C. Both

D. None

160. Sensory neuron carry impulse from Central nervous system in form of

A. Nerve impulse

B. Electrochemical wave

C. Mechanical wave

D. A and B