Science Class 8th

161. Motor neuron carry nerve impulse to part of body called

A. Hand

B. Skin

C. Receptor

D. Effector

162. Imediate and involuntory response to stimulus is called

A. Quick response

B. Special response

C. Nerve impulse

D. Reflex action

163. Which is true about reflex action

A. Reflex path

B. Reflex arc

C. Reflex way

D. All

164. Which is true about reflex action

A. Involuntary

B. Dose not involve brain

C. Involve spinal cord

D. All

165. Reflex action include which components

A. Inter neuron

B. Motor

C. Receptor

D. Effector and sensory neuron

E. All

166. People blink there eye how much in a minute

A. 15times

B. 16times

C. 20times

D. 10times

167. When we awake we blink approximately

A. 14400times a day

B. 17000times a day

C. 1000times a day

D. 16999times a day

168. Blinking is

A. Involuntary

B. Reflex action

C. Both.

D. None

169. Action performed under conscious control is

A. Voluntary

B. May be Voluntary

C. Involuntary

D. Automatic

170. Action performed unconsciously

A. Voluntary

B. Involuntary

C. Any may be

D. Not possible

171. Which is involuntary

A. Heart beat

B. Digestion

C. Blinking of eye

D. All

172. Process of removing waste from body is called

A. Excretion

B. Removal

C. Secretion

D. Both A and C

173.System responsible for secretion is

A. Excretory system

B. Secretory System

C. Both

D. None

174. Non solid wastes are removed through

A. Urine

B. Exhalation

C. Sweat

D. All

175. Excretory system consist of

A. One Pair of kidney

B. Urinary bladder

C. Two ureters

D. Urethra

E. All

176. Color of human kidney is

A. Dark brown

B. Red

C. Dark red

D. Light brown

177. Shape of human kidney is

A. Bean shape

B. Round

C. Cherry shaped

D. None

178. Kidney is present in

A. Thorax region

B. Abdominal region

C. Covering both above region

D. Side of thorax

179. The outer and inner surface of kidney are respectively

A. Convex & Concave

B. Concave & Convex

C. Bi-Concave

D. Bi-Convex

180. Tube which arise from kidney and enter urinary bladder is

A. Ureter

B. Urethra

C. Pipe

D. Vessel