Science Class 8th

21)Which is heredity material


B. Gene

C. Chromosomes

D. All

22.Basic structural and functional unit of heredity


B. Gene

C. Chromosome

D. All

23)Gene occur in

A. Pair

B. Triplet

C. Single

D. All possible

24)A character is controlled by

A. Single gene

B. Pair of gene

C. Both above

D. None

25)Colored bodies present in nucleus is

A. Gens

B. Chromosomes


26)Chromosomes are made of


B. Gene

C. Cells

D. All

27)Human single chromosome contain

A. One thousand gene

B. Five hundred gene

C. Five thousand gene

D. More than million gen

28)Bacteria is

A. Unicellular

B. Multicellular

C. Both type above

D. None

29)Each bacterium has

A. Many chromosomes

B. Two chromosome

C. Single chromosome

D. Five chromosome

30)Extra chromosomal DNA present bacteria called

A. Plasmid

B. Vector

C. Genetic DNA

D. Both A and B

31)Plasmid is also called

A. Vector

B. Scalar

C. Icon

D. None

32)Plasmid can

A. Not be isolated

B. Difficult in isolation

C. Easy to isolate

D. None

33)Which is true about plasmid

A. Carry foreign gene to bacterial cell

B. known as vector

C. Gene can be attached to it

D. All

34. The genetic manipulation of microorganism for the production of antibiotic, hormones etc is called?

A. Field of biochemistry

B. Biotechnology

C. Biology

D. None

35)Organism that contain a foreign gene in its cell is called?

A. Transgenic

B. Multiple genic

C. Vector

D. Plasmid

36. Stem, Branches, Leaves and flower form system.

A. Shoot

B. Root

C. Both (a) and (b)

D. None of these

36)Foreign gene in bacteria produce

A. Desire product

B. Any product

C. Waste product

D. No produc

37)Why bacteria is used in genetic engineering

A. Simple and easy to grow

B. Divides withib 20 minutes

C. Contain plasmid which easily isolated and inserted to another bacreria

D. All

38)Bacteria produce how many daughter cell in single division

A. Two

B. Five

C. Six

D. One

39)Bacterial cell divides with in

A. 20 minutes

B. One hour

C. 50 minutes

D. 6 hours