Science Class 8th

221. From renal pelvis urine pass to

A. Urethra

B. Ureter

C. Renal cortex

D. Not pass as urine

222. From ureter urine passes into

A. Urinary bladder

B. Urethra

C. kidney

D. None

223. When kidney does not work

A. Stone is form

B. Salt accomulation occurs

C. Dose not filter waste properly

D. All

224. Common causes of kidney stone formation

A. Calcium salt in food

B. Uric acid

C. Sodium chloride

D. Both A and B

225. Renal failure is

A. Complete failure of kidney

B. Partial failure of kidney

C. Failure of heart

D. Both A and BĀ 

226. .Main causes of renal failure

A. Diabetes mellitus

B. Long term infection

C. Hypertension

D. All

227. Diabetus mellitus is a disease in which

A. Salt level of body remain high

B. Sugar level is high

C. Sugar level is low

D. None

228. Hypertension is state of

A. Low blood pressure

B. High blood pressure

C. Both

D. None

229. Sudden supply to kidney causes

A. Renal freshening

B. Renal failure

C. Heart failure

D. None

230. Treatment of renal failure

A. Dialysis

B. Kidney transplant

C. Both above

D. None

231. By drinking more water which stone can be removed A

A. Large size

B. Medium

C. Small

D. Not possibleĀ 

232. Lithotripsy is treatment of

A. Kidney stone

B. Heart

C. Intestine

233. Lithotripsy remove which type of stone

A. Small

B. Medium

C. Large

D. None

234. During lithotripsy stone us broken through

A. Surgical procedure

B. Through water

C. Bombardment of shock wave

D. Note treatment of kidney

235. Larger stone kidney stone needs

A. Surgical procedure

B. Lithotripsy

C. Remove through water

D. None

236. Cleaning of blood through artificial mean

A. Dialysis

B. Kidney treatment

C. Durasis

D. None

237. Dialysis is carried through machins called

A. Dialyzer

B. Durizez

C. Dialysiser

D. None

238. Fluid used in dialyzer is

A. Dialyzer fluid

B. Dialysis fluid

C. Does not contain fluid

D. None

239. In kidney transplanment both doner and recsptor have

A. Same blood group

B. Can be different

240. A cell grow its ____ before it divides.

A. After full growth

B. Before full growth

C. Both A and B

D. Full Size