Science Class 8th

261. Chromosomes are made of

A. Histones protein


C. Lipid

D. Both A and B

262. Protein present in chromosome is

A. Lipo histone

B. Histone

C. Not present

D. None

263. Structural support to chromosome is provided by


B. Histone

C. Lipids

D. Carbohydrates

264. DNA is made of unites called

A. Nucleotides

B. Ribonucleotide

C. Both

D. None

265. Which type of nucleotides are present in DNA

A. A,G and T

B. T and G

C. C and T

D. A,G,C and T

266. How many type of nucleotide is present in DNA

A. 4

B. 3

C. 7

D. 5

267. Which is true

A. DNA is coiled many times around protein

B. Protein is coiled many time aroud DNA

C. DNA is coiled single time D. None

268. Which is heredity material

A. Histone


C. Both above

D. Lipids

269. .Short segment of DNA is called

A. Chromosomes

B. Genes

C. Unit

D. None

270. Traits are transferred from to off spring by

A. Gene

B. Cell

C. Unit

D. None

271. The basic physical and functional unit of heredity

A. Choromosome

B. Gene

C. Histone


272. Gene occurs

A. Single

B. Pair

C. Triplet

D. Can be any from above

273. Heredity characteristics are controlled by

A. Pair of gene

B. Single gene

C. Both above

D. None

274. A pair of gene comes from

A.One male one female

B. Only male

C. Only female

D. All possible

275. Human have

A. 23 chromosome

B. 23 pairs

C. 46 chromosomes

D. Both B and C

276. Hermit crab have

A. 127 pair of chromosomes

B. 127 chromosomes

C. 254 chromosomes

D. Both A and C

277. Elephants have

A. 28 pairs of chromosomes

B. 56 chromosomes

C. 28 chromosomes

D. Both A and B

278. Cat chromosomes are

A. 19pairs

B. 38

C. 19

D. Both A and B

279. Carrot chromosomes are

A 9 pairs

B. 18 Pairs

C. 9 Pairs

D. Both A and B

280. One specie of roundworm has chromosomes

A. 1 pair

B. 2 chromosomes

C. One chromosomes

D. Both A and B