Science Class 8th

361. The_____ devices convert electrical energy into other forms of energy.

A) Input

B) Output

C) Processors

D) None of the these

362. Wind power is the type of electric generation in which _____ is used:

A) Power of wind

B) Power of water

C) Power of nuclear

D) Power of electricity

363. In hydro power, ____ is used to run turbines.

A) Moving water

B) Electrical energy

C) Wind energy

D) Heat energy

364. The general generator works on the principle of

A) Electrostatic

B) Electromagnetic induction

C) Magnetism

D) Electromagnetism force

365. Dynamo is a kind of ____

A) Mechanical device

B) Chemical device

C) Electrical generator

D) None of the above

366. In the dry cell, zinc acts as :

A) Positive electrode

B) Negative electrode

C) Electrolyte

D) Centre rod

367. There is no force of gravity in ____

A) Atmosphere

B) Ozone layer

C) Space

D) None of the above

368. A telescope is an instrument designed for the observation of _____ object.

A) Distant

B) Near

C) Large

D) Small

369. Telescope was invented in ______ century.

A) 17th

B) 18th

C) 15th

D) 16th

370. _____telescope gathers and focuses radiation mainly from the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

A) Refractor

B) Optical

C) Reflector

D) Radio