Science Class 8th

41)Second step in process of gene introduction

A. Cutting gene with restriction enzyme

B. Attaching gene to plasmid

C. Both

D. None

42)Third step in introducing gene into organism

A. Attaching gene to plasmid

B. Cutting gene with enzyme

C. Introducing recombinant

D. All

43)Fourth step is

A. Introducing recommbinant DNA

B. Cutting gene

C. Isolation of gene

D. None

44)Attached gene and plasmid are collectively called

A. Recombinant DNA

B. Mixed gene

C. Mixed DNA

D. All

45)Enzyme used to cut gene is called

A. Restriction enzyme

B. Cutting enzyme

C. Knife

D. Cutter

46)Isolated gene is also called

A. Gene of interest

B. Recombinant gene

C. Both above

D. None

47)Which are product of biotechnology

A. Yogurt,backery products,vinegar

B. Bread,cheese,insuline for diabetic patient

C. Modifief food products,

D. All

48)Which are products of biotechnology

A. Vaccine,antibodies,medicine

B. Biodiesel,washing detergents

C. Sugar,plastic

D. All

49)Genetic change in the genetic organization of organism involve

A. Biochemistry

B. Biotechnology

C. Phsiology

D. Not possuble

50)Genetic change in organism through biotechnology involves

A. Addition of gene

B. Removal of gene

C. Modification of gene

D. All

51)Removal,addition and modification of gene in plant helps in

A. Increase productivity

B. Improve nutritional quality

C. Novel product and disease resistant

D. All

52)The organism whose genes are modified are called

A. Genetically modified organism

B. Transgenic organism

C. Manipulated organism

D. Both A and B

53)Genetically modified microorganism are

A. Ring spot virus resistant GM paoaya

B. Grown in hawaii

C. Both above

D. None

54)Bacterial infection in chicken causes

A. Cancer

B. Visual problem

C. Bone weakening

D. Food poisoning

55)Genetically modified sweet potatoes have been enhanced with

A. Protein

B. Other nutrients

C. Height

D. Both A and B

56)Which one is genetic modification

A. Better quality of fruit

B. Quality vegetables

C. Long shelve life

D. All

57)Bacteria which take in recombinant DNA is called

A. Transgenic bacterium

B. GM bacterium

C. Both above

D. None

58)Genetically modified fishes have

A. Growth harmones

B. Plasma protein

C. Lipids

D. Not exist

59)Genetically modified fishes with growth rate

A. Salmonids

B. Carps

C. Tilapias

D. All

60) Which are/is species of fishes

A. Salmanoid

B. Carps

C. Tilapias

D. All