Science Class 8th

481. Syringe is filled due to:

A) Air Pressure

B) Water Pressure

C) None  of these

D) Vapour  Pressure

482. A Thick layer of air is around our earth is called:

A) Atmosphere

B) Oxygen

C) Force

D) Pollution

483. Experiments show that pressure of gas depends upon:

A) Quantity and Temperature

B) Air Pressure

C) Quantity

D) Temperature

484. Measurements are only confined to science.

A) True

B) False

485. Physical quantities that can be:

A) Can be felt

B) Can be seen

C) Can be measured

D) None of the above

486. Physical quantities are those that can be divided into _____ categories.

A) One

B) Two

C) Three

D) Four

487. Which of the following is a type of physical quantity:

A) Base

B) Derived

C) Both A and B

D) None of the above

488. Which of the following is a not a base quantity:

A) Time

B) Density

C) Mass

D) Length

489. _______ are those Quantities in which other physical quantities can be expressed:

A) Base Quantity

B) Derived Quantity

C) Vector

D) Scalar

490. Which of the following is a derived quantity:

A) Volume

B) Density

C) Speed

D) All of the above

491. The Comparison of something with some standard is known as:

A) Comparison

B) Measurement

C) Scaling

D) Ruling

492. The standard wit which things are compared is known as:

A) Standard

B) Comparent

C) Unit

D) None of the above

493. A number with a unit is known as:

A) Variable

B) Constant

C) Magnitude

D) Vector

494. The Unit of base quantity is known as base unit.

A) True

B) False

495. What is the base unit of length:

A) m

B) kg

C) g

D) s

496. The unit of Force is

A) Ω

B) N

C) A

D) F

497. The set of units called as International System are denoted by:



C) U

D) None of the above

498. What is the unit of intensity of light:

A) Watt

B) Volt

C) Candela

D) Ampere

499. The unit of amount of any substance is called:

A) Gram

B) Kilogram

C) Mole

D) Mole

500. The unit of length is _____.

A) km

B) m

C) inch

D) mm