Science Class 8th

501. Standard metre is the _______ bar kept at 0 C.

A) Chocolate

B) Steel Nickel Alloy

C) Platinum-Iridium Alloy

D) Iron

502. There are ___ seconds in a day.

A) 5000

B) 3600

C) 86400

D) 83288

503. What is the standard second?

A) 1/ 24 part of day

B) 1/86400 parts of day

C) 1/60 parts of day

D) None of the above

504. Prefixes are added ______ SI Unit.

A) Before

B) After

C) Can be added wherever one wants

D) Are not added to SI Unit

505. Prefixes are used only to express larger unit.

A) True

B) False

506. 30,000g =

A) 3kg

B) 0.3 kg

C) 300 kg

D) 30 kg

507. What is the factor of peta prefix?

A) 10^18

B) 10^8

C) 10^15

D) 10^9

508. Factor 10^2 :

A) exa

B) peta

C) hecto

D) deka

509. Metre has ______ small divisions called millimeter.

A) 100

B) 200

C) 500

D) 1000

510. A measuring cylinder is used to measure the volume of _____.

A) Gas

B) Liquid

C) Solids

D) Both A and B

511. The curvature of measuring cylinder is called:

A) Radius

B) Diameter

C) Meniscus

D) Circumference

512. Measuring flask is used to measure the volume of gas in lab.

A) True

B) False

513. We can take the volume we want in a measuring flask.

A) True

B) False

514. Pipette is used to take _____ ml of substance.

A) Up to 5ml

B) Up to 10 ml

C) Up to 20 ml

D) None of the above

515. The comparison of something with some standard is known as:

A) Measurement

B) Unit

C) Volume

D) Physical Quantity

516. Which one is a derived unit?

A) m^2

B) m

C) density

D) kg

517. 25 millimeter is equal to:

A) 0.25 g

B) 0.025 g

C) 2.5 g

D) 0.0025 g

518. Which alloy is used in standard meter and kilogram?

A) Gold and Platinum

B) Platinum and Cobalt

C) Platinum and Californium

D) Iridium and Platinum

519. In case of measurement of water in cylinder, the eye should be kept on a level with _______ of the meniscus.

A) the bottom

B) the top

C) any where

D) middle

520. The SI Unit for Intensity of light is:

A) mol

B) J

C) Cd

D) Pa