Science Class 8th

61)Genetically modified papaya is made resistant to

A. Every virus

B. Bacteria

C. Only ring spot virus

62)Trangenic chicken are resistant to

A. Bacterial infection

B. Viral infection

C. Chicken pox

D. All infections

63)Transgenic cow produce

A. More milk

B. Milk with less lactose

C. Milk with less cholestrol

D. All

64)Major area where biotechnology techniques are applied

A. Agricuture

B. Food production and preservation

C. Health and enviroment

D. All

65)Pesticides are

A. Insect killing chemical

B. Weed killing chemicals

C. Viral killing chemical

D. All

66)Herbicides are

A. Weed killing chemical

B. Insect killing chemical

C. Bacterial killing chemical

D. All

67)Using gene scientist makes the plant

A. Weed resistant

B. pest resistant

C. To produce better yield

D. All

68)Throgh biotechnology we can

A. Protien in food may be modified to increase there nutritional quality

B. Cereal and lugume protein transformed into human needed one

C. Increase taste,texture and appearance

D. All

69)Major plants modified through biotechnology

A. Wheat and rice

B. Potato and corn

C. Soyabean

D. All

70.Biotechnology helps in

A. Curing diesease

B. Improving health

C. Production of medicines and correction of genetic defects

D. All

71)Human insuline can be produce through biotechnology by

A. Joining plasmid and insuline gene then inserted to bacterium

B. Produced in human body only

C. Both

D. None

72)Insuline useful for

A. Infections

B. Viral disease

C. Diabetics

D. None

73)Vaccine are used for

A. Against many infectious disease

B. Only used for diabetics

C. Used for stimulating growth harmine

D. All

74)Which stimulate growth

A. Growth hormone

B. Insulin

C. Glucagon

D. All

75.Biotechnology helps in

A. Pollution problem

B. Help in degradation of land problem

C. Sewage water

D. All

76)GM bacteria are used in

A. Sewage treatment

B. Garbage

C. Both above

D. None

77)Microbes which are bio plastic and biopesticides are produced through

A. Biotechnology

B. Biochemistry

C. Physiology

D. Topology

78)Neeli ravi buffalo are modified for

A. More milk

B. More meat

C. More protein

D. All

79)Nancy sheep are midified for more

A. More meat

B. More milk

C. For chemical

D. All

80)Nancy is a type of

A. Modified Sheep

B. Goat

C. Cow

D. Buffalo