Which fast bowler recently got 600 test wickets?

A) Waseem Akram

B) James Anderson

C) Waqar Younis

D) Glenn  McGrath

Who is the first fast bowler in test history to get 600 wickets?

A) Glenn  Mcgrath

B) James Anderson

C) Brett Lee

D) Imran Khan

23. Who was the victim of James Anderson for his 600th test wicket?

A) Azhar Ali

B Asad Shafiq

C) Babar Azam

D) Fawal Alam

James Anderson got 600 test wickets, he belongs to?

A) Australia

B) New Zealand

C) England

D) South  Africa

Who got the most T-20 wickets ?

A) DJ Bravo 

B) Sunil Narine

C) Lasith Malinga

D) None of these

Which bowler recently reached to his overall 500 T-20 wickets?

A) Shahid Afridi

B) Lasith Malinga

C) Sunile Narine

D) DJ Bravo

27. I respect the intelligence if my friend. The underlined word is:

A) Common Noun

B) Material Noun

C) Abstract Noun

D) Collective Noun

28. How _____ money do you have?

A) Many

B) Much

C) Both A And B Can Be Used

D) None Of The Above

29. Qasim does not have _____ friends.

A) Many

B Much

C) Both A And B

D) None Of The Above

30. A ____- of honey.

A) Sac

B) Jar

C) Drop

D) Bar

31. A _____ of rain.

A) Sack

B) Drop

C) Bar

D) Slice

32. A _____ of flour.

A) Slice

B) Bar

C) Sack

D) Drop

33. A _____ of cola.

A) Can

B) Sack

C) Slice

D) Drop

34. A _____ of toothpaste.

A) Sack

B) Slice

C) Bar

D) Tube

35. A ______ of cake.

A) Slice

B) Bar

C) Drop

D) Sack

36. A _____ of chocolate.

A) Bar

B) Slice

C) Drop

D) Sack

37. A sparrow is a ____ bird.

A) Large

B) Small

C) Medium Sized

D) Sparrow Is Not A Bird

38. Sparrow body is covered with ______ coloured feathers.

A) White And Yellow

B) White And Brown

C) White, Black And Brown.

D) White, Yellow And Brown.

39. Advice means:

A) Guidance

B) Agreement

C) Advantage

D) Set Free

40. Mercy means:

A) Guidance

B) Forgiveness

C) Advantage

D) Set free