Substitution 0 To 20


Something that becomes outdated

(A) Obsolete

(B) Useless

(C) Ancient

(D) Old

Official misconduct

(A) Maladministration

(B) Maltreatment

(C) Malefactor

(D) Malfeasance

Something which is not through or profound

(A) Supernatural

(B) Superfluous

(C) Superficial

(D) Superstitious

To cause troops etc. to spread out in readiness for battle

(A) Disperse

(B) Deploy

(C) Collocate

(D) Align

A post without remuneration.

(A) Honorary

(B) Sinecure

(C) Voluntary

(D) Involuntary

A sleeping room for a number of people

(A) Dump

(B) Dormitory

(C) Fireside

(D) Office

A small house with all rooms on one floor

(A) Cottage

(B) Bungalow

(C) Castle

(D) Flat

Teetotaler means

(A) One who abstains from taking malice

(B) One who abstains from taking wine

(C) One who abstains from meat

(D) One who abstains from theft

Policemen riding on motorcycles as guards of VIP

(A) Attendants

(B) Commandos

(C) Servants

(D) Outriders

One who eats everything

(A) Omnipotent

(B) Omnivorous

(C) Carnivorous

(D) Gourmet

People working in the same department or office

(A) Companions

(B) Mates

(C) Colleagues

(D) Fellows

A government that is carried on through officers

(A) Dictatorship

(B) Class-one

(C) Officiousness

(D) Bureaucracy

A statement that is absolutely clear

(A) Unequivocal

(B) Ambiguous

(C) Confused

(D) Clean

Medicine used to calm or pacify

(A) Antidepressant

(B) Fusion

(C) Hypnotic

(D) Tranquillizer

A speech without any previous preparation

(A) Premeditated

(B) Deliberately

(C) Extempore

(D) Rehearsed

A funny imitation of a poem

(A) Parody

(B) Caricature

(C) Dialogue

(D) Sonnet

Cessation of arms before a formal treaty is signed during war

(A) Armistice

(B) Accord

(C) Truce

(D) Retreat

A person who does not believe in the existence of God

(A) Atheist

(B) Heretic

(C) Fanatic

(D) Theist

A man who operates on sick people

(A) Physiotherapist

(B) Physician

(C) Operator

(D) Surgeon


One who has a compulsive desire to steal

(A) Kleptomaniac

(B) Plagiarist

(C) Poacher

(D) Pilferer

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