The large-scale departure of people

(A) Exodus

(B) Arrival

(C) Entrance

(D) Standing

A person who is out to destroy government

(A) Atheist

(B) Anarchist

(C) Destroyer

(D) Theist

A large dark grey cloud that brings rain or snow

(A) Blizzard

(B) Hail

(C) Fog

(D) Nimbus

A book containing summarized information on all branches of knowledge

(A) Anthology

(B) Dictionary

(C) Directory

(D) Encyclopaedia

The people in a theatre or cinema

(A) Audience

(B) Assembly

(C) Crowd

(D) Spectators

A speech made by someone for the first time

(A) Maiden speech

(B) Sermon

(C) Extempore

(D) Spontaneous

Likely to break apart easily

(A) Harsh

(B) Brittle

(C) Breakable

(D) Thin

To kill someone for political reasons

(A) Assassination

(B) Genocide

(C) Murder

(D) Homicide

The murder of a human being

(A) Infanticide

(B) Suicide

(C) Regicide

(D) Homicide

Person who loves mankind

(A) Philanthropist

(B) Stringy

(C) Egoist

(D) Detractor

A person who eats too much

(A) Sensualist

(B) Omnivore

(C) Reveller

(D) Glutton

Animals that can live on land and water

(A) Gregarious

(B) Reptiles

(C) Amphibians

(D) Aquatic

A person who hates women

(A) Bigamist

(B) Gullible

(C) Intolerant

(D) Misogynist

The state of complete continence on the part of a woman

(A) Spinster

(B) Unmarried

(C) Celibacy

(D) Virginity

Very pleasing to eat

(A) Inedible

(B) Disgusting

(C) Toothsome

(D) Tasteless

Perceptible to the ear

(A) Adorable

(B) Laudable

(C) Audible

(D) Praiseable

One who is all powerful

(A) Unremarkable

(B) Mundane

(C) Incapable

(D) Omnipotent

A physician who specializes in diseases of skin

(A) Cardiologist

(B) Dermatologist

(C) Obstetrician

(D) None of these

A man of lax moral

(A) Licentious

(B) Vagabond

(C) Pirate

(D) Ruffian

A person who is fond of sensuous enjoyment

(A) Witty

(B) Epicure

(C) Humorous

(D) Hedonist